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Check out the reception from November 7, 2013 - one of Agora's lively opening nights where artists and art-lovers mingle, chat and discuss memorable art in varied styles and mediums. There's nowhere like New York, and there's nothing quite like an exhibition reception in Chelsea.

January 17, 2013 - Reception Video Have you ever spent time examing a work of art, wondering where the inspiration came from? At Agora Gallery, we know that inspiration can come in many different forms. Each artist is unique, bringing their own particular understanding and experiences to the creative process. Find out more in this video.
September 20, 2012 - Reception Video This video is from the opening reception that took place at Agora on September 20, 2012. You can see the artists from both the collective exhibitions, with their diverse and beautiful works of art, and Sudnya Shroff, who had her New York solo exhibition at Agora at that time, displaying her colorful and vibrant creations.

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