Sensorial Perspectives
December 3 - December 23, 2016 | December 8th Reception - View Photos & Videos

Sensorial Perspectives is a journey through the experience of the body. Among the works featured are abstract paintings that play with the emotional impact of intense color, portraits that reach out to the viewer with the immediacy of a photo, and photographs that attempt to convey the experience of simply being present in a location - walking, looking, and thinking. Eight contemporary artists of all different backgrounds are included, each one investigating an area that is more psychological than representational. The exhibition is a playground of new sensations that challenge the common idea of art as a purely visual medium. Agora Gallery was established by the late Miki Stiles, MFA, to provide opportunities to artists entering the global art market. Located in the heart of the famous Chelsea art district, the gallery occupies the ground floor of 530 West 25th Street.

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