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Elemental Realms
May 19 - June 8, 2017 | May 25th Reception - View Photos & Videos

Agora Gallery presents a modern exploration of texture with the new collective exhibition Elemental Realms. This exhibition covers both abstraction and figurative imagery and includes purely visual surfaces as well as more three-dimensional mixed-media pieces that resemble friezes. Several artists play with paint; it is blotted, it is thinned, it is slicked down, and dry paint is even cracked to create deep shadows. Wrapped up too in these physical manipulations is the way colors blend into one another - or don't. Elsewhere, one artist mixes acrylic with explosions of gold leaf to create a new sub-genre of painting, and another splatters thin ropes of paint in endless layers in a kind of two-dimensional scaffolding. Elemental Realms investigates the ways in which texture conveys information, emotion, and environment. Agora Gallery was established by the late Miki Stiles, MFA, to provide opportunities to artists entering the global art market. Located in the heart of the famous Chelsea art district, the gallery occupies the ground floor of 530 West 25th Street.

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