Teona Titvinidze-Kapon
Roots and Wings
Agora Gallery
530 West 25th StreetNew York,NY
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Teona Titvinidze-Kapon


Roots and Wings
March 2 – March 22, 2019
Reception: Thursday, March 7, 2019 6-8 PM

Born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia, artist Teona Titvinidze Kapon fills her paintings with soothing, pastel colors and rich iconography from her past. In Reunited, two bands of soldiers race toward one another on a grassy plane as if it were a tapestry honoring an ancient battle. In Whirling Children, several figures float above a sleepy village in a shimmering glaze.

With fine brushstrokes and raw materials like gold, crystals, stones and textiles, the artist relishes the details of her work, lovingly bringing every scene to life. Teona Titvinidze Kapon lives and works in New York City.