Randa Hijazi


The telling of humanitarian issues is a subject of personal relation to Syria-born, Canadian artist Randa Hijazi. After witnessing war and injustice in her past while living in Syria, Hijazi finds that referencing these harsh realities in her paintings are vital and central to her work as an artist. Reading books on human psychology, aestheticism and criticism also supplement her intent to harness and display her mind’s creative concepts. Her medium of acrylic on canvas “reformulates our painful reality” and illustrates sincere beauty in pieces like Miss You (2018) and Vision of Soul (2020). Hijazi draws on the daily–discovering new methods to expand and develop her palette and technical abilities. Familial support for the artist was not always present, especially in the beginning of her career. “When I passed the college entrance examination and ranked seventh out of 7,400 competing students, my father began to believe that my artistic inclinations were too great to refuse,” Hijazi says about her father’s changed perspective. “Today he is proud.”

Hijazi lives and crafts her visual tales in Laval, Québec, Canada. She is currently working toward a Bachelor’s in Business and has previously fulfilled two degrees in Fine Arts and Media Sciences. In 2020, Hijazi won a competition to design a monument belonging to the district-U1 International Lions Clubs. Her most recent public achievement, receiving the silver medal at the 51st International Exhibition of Le Cercle des Artistes et Sculpteurs du Québec, in Paris, France.

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