Hiroshi Wada (和田 浩志)
Digitally Represented Artist
Agora Gallery
530 West 25th StreetNew York,NY
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Hiroshi Wada (和田 浩志)


Digitally Represented Artist

Born in Kyoto, and schooled by some of the great masters, Hiroshi Wada aspires to modernize the ancient practice of “shodo” – brush and ink drawing on rice paper. Wada’s evolution of the art is modern, and avant-garde, while still remaining legible, but still rooted in the ancient tradition. The childlike innocence in which he approaches each project converges with the seasoned hand of a proficient artist to create a canvas of old world mastery mixed with modern aesthetic. 

For Wada, calligraphy is a medium with the power to bring joy and playfulness to others. He believes each of his characters embodies meaning. A meaning he hopes is not only conveyed to, but felt by, those observing, leaving them with a sense of relaxation, reflection, and hopefully, peace.

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