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The Chelsea International Photography Competition Results

The Chelsea International Photography Competition, 2017

Jurors: Karen Irvine, Salvatore Vitale, Sarah Tanguy 


The following are the results based on the average scores provided by the jurors of the 2017 Chelsea International Photography Competition after reviewing the submitted photographs:

Selected to participate in the Professional Competition Exhibition:

Laura Pannack, Clay Jordan, Antonio Privitera, David Bartlett, Anca Moanta, Artur Golacki, Eduard Korniyenko, Alina Fedorenko, Michela Carmazzi, Sandro Lauw

Selected to participate in the Amateur Competition Exhibition:

Loïc Vendrame, Alain Licari, Stephanus Meyer, Vincent Chahley, Jacob Wallwork, Ivan Pushkin, Eli Matityahu, Steve Sumpton, Gustavo Mittelmann, Andres Marcolla, Sidney Costa Gaspar, Tibor Kércz, Halelee (Seoyeon Lee), Steffen Tuck, Jeremy Damato, Niki Polyocan, Kévin Galop, Nadia Cecilia Manzanares Vargas, Misha De-Stroyev

Note: Agora Gallery is proud to sponsor the competition, but Agora Gallery and its employees had no input or influence in the selection process. All selection decisions were made by the competition jurors.

View the 2017 Signed Minutes of Decisions.

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Selected Photography 2017

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Andres Marcolla
Mar Azul


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