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Founded in 1984 by an artist, Agora Gallery is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to the promotion of national and international artists seeking exposure to the New York art market. Agora Gallery connects artists with professionals, art collectors, and other artists to create an ever growing family dedicated to the world of fine art.

Collectors are provided with a broad range of original artworks through our fine art sales website,; our biannual art magazine,; and our art collecting advice blog Collectors Corner.

Closed for Renovations

Closed for Renovations

Under Construction - We are closed for renovations. Appointments are available. Please call 212-226-4151

Appointments are available.

Please call 212-226-4151

  Upcoming Exhibition

  Upcoming Exhibition - Solitude, Introspection, & Surrealism

Solitude, Introspection, & Surrealism

March 4 - March 25, 2020

Digitally Represented Artists - View All

Digitally Represented Artists - Marek Wasylewicz

Marek Wasylewicz

Grafitti 1

Digitally Represented Artists - Rosana Largo Rodríguez

Rosana Largo Rodríguez


Digitally Represented Artists - Cynthia Chace Gray

Cynthia Chace Gray


Digitally Represented Artists - Yotta


Family Target

Digitally Represented Artists - Anina E. Hathaway

Anina E. Hathaway


Collectors Corner by

Collectors Corner by -

Explore a curated collection of artworks that pay tribute to the Post-Impressionist movement in a variety of styles.

Collectors Corner by - Your Guide to Understanding Abstract Art

Your Guide to Understanding Abstract Art

Get inspired to form your own visual connections and interpretations of abstract art.

Advice by Agora Experts

Advice by Agora Experts - Tips For Personal Artist Websites

Tips For Personal Artist Websites

From layout to design to the information you include: every artist website needs these core elements, or else they may instantly turn away potential buyers.

Advice by Agora Experts - How Art Competitions Can Boost an Artist’s Career

How Art Competitions Can Boost an Artist’s Career

In conversation with New York Art Competitions Coordinator Carolina Carilo.

Recently Sold

Recently Sold - Katha Rossein

Katha Rossein


Recently Sold - Mark Schiff

Mark Schiff

Paris Lilies

Recently Sold - Yong Chen

Yong Chen

Biological Timer_Breathing

Recently Sold - Chadwick Arcinue

Chadwick Arcinue


Recently Sold - Jesus Monge

Jesus Monge

Plaza San Felipe

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