530 West 25th Street, New York, NY  Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm
530 West 25th Street, New York, NY
Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm
(212) 226-4151

About Agora Gallery

About Agora Gallery

Fondata nel 1984 e' una galleria d' arte contemporanea dedita alla promozione di artisti nazionali ed internazionali, offre opere d' arte originali a collezionisti affermati ed emergenti ed organizza eventi speciali in sostegno di organizzazioni d' arte che favoriscono la consapevolezza sociale e promuovono questioni ambientali. La Galleria e' anche l' Editore della rivista d' arte ARTisSpectrum e sponsor di ARTmine.com.

Agora Gallery News

Contemporary French Art Exhibition

The work in The French Perspective: Contemporary Art from France reflects the raw talent and emotion that is at the heart of the artist’s gift, yet also shows the carefully judged, exquisitely balanced manner in which these artists form their creations, with imaginative and delightful results.
The exhibition begins on July 5, 2014 and runs until July 25, 2014. The opening reception takes place in the evening of July 10, 6-8pm. Put the dates on your calendar! Image Credit: Patricia Proust-Labeyrie

Collective Exhibition - July 5 - July 25

Cadences of Color presents the work of artists who express their responses to what they see around them, in both the natural world and that of human society, through powerful pieces of art. Sensorial Sensibilities displays the subtle yet persuasive magic wrought by artists who are acutely aware of the impact of every stroke, hue and line.
Opening on July 5 and running until July 25, the opening reception for these shows is on the evening of July 10. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet some of these fascinating artists. Image Credit: Eva Quesada, Corazon.

ARTisSpectrum - Chelsea Perspective

The latest edition of ARTisSpectrum is out! You can pick up a copy in bookstores and other locations around Manhattan, including of course the gallery itself, or subscribe to receive a magazine straight to your door. ARTisSpectrum is the ideal way to keep up-to-date with talented emerging artists, as well as keep your finger on the pulse of the ever-changing, always dynamic art world. In this issue, learn about collecting contemporary art, the magic of plein air painting, the challenges of underwater photography, art scenes around the world and much more.

Collective Exhibition - July 28 - August 19

In Verve of Abstraction, both instinct and considered judgement are clearly at work in pieces that combine a fresh, creative feel with an awareness of the importance of technique and skill. The Substance of Form presents the work of artists who fill their creations with meaning and aesthetic sensibility.
The exhibitions open on July 28, 2014 and run until August 19, 2014. The opening reception takes place on the evening of July 31, and all lovers of fine art and originality are warmly welcomed to attend. Image Credit: Julia Kappenman, Chief Joseph Nez Pierce

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Agora Gallery sostiene iniziative di organizzazioni d' arte in tutto il mondo, come sforzo tendente ad una migliore comprensione della propria identita' culturale. Incoraggiamo la creazione di visioni sostenibili del mondo ispirate al pensiero che " siamo un unico mondo". Non esistate a domandarci come la vostra organizzazione puo' dare una mano alla nostra galleria per promuovere le vostre e nostre iniziative in tutto il mondo tramite un' espressione artistica duratura. Click here for more information.


La rappresentazione e promozione e' offerta ad artisti di talento ad ogni livello della propria carriera, i quali benificiano dell' esposizione del proprio lavoro in questa scena vibrante del mondo dell' arte, di campagne di PR personalizzate effettuate dal nostro staff esperto. La selezione e' garantita solo a coloro che si qualificano per il loro lavoro, tramite la revisione del portfolio dell' Artista effettuata da Agora Gallery. Clicca. qui per inviare il tuo portfolio.

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