Competition Reminder

The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition
Celebrates 30 Years of Extraordinary Art and Artists

The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition is an ideal way for you to gain valuable exposure for your artwork, increase your confidence, put your art in front of a wider audience and help develop the resume of a successful professional artist.

With a distinguished panel of jurors and more than $100,000 in valuable prizes the 2015 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition is an opportunity you do not want to miss!

The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition is open to visual artists from anywhere in the world at any stage in their careers. Artists are invited to submit their artworks this includes: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Drawing, Mixed Media, and Print. Artworks will be reviewed by a panel of expert jurors, each representing different fields in the art world, ensuring a fair and balanced judgment process.

Agora Gallery’s director, Angela Di Bello, offers the following advice to artists: “Stay in the game, by entering art competitions! The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition is a wonderful way to keep your artwork in front of important museum curators and art experts. Anyone who simply enters the competition is a winner.”

Artist Testimonials

“This was the first time that my artwork was exhibited outside Canada. Considering that 2 pieces were sold and the positive feedback that I received boosted my confidence in what I am doing.”
Renée De Gagné - Canada - 2014 Selected Artist
“It could not have come at a better time. It gave me the confidence I needed to secure eight more juried exhibitions for the year, two in NYC.”
Mack Gingles - Texas, USA - 2014 Selected Artist
“This competition has been very important to me because Agora gave me the opportunity to show my art work in one of the most relevant places of art. This is a very good chance for emerging artists.”
Ivannia Lasso - Costa Rica - 2014 Selected Artist
“Winning the competition allowed me to feel more confident in my work, and increased my exposure in the art world. I have nothing but praise for the competition staff and the staff at Agora Gallery. It was the best experience I’ve ever had in any gallery. I would love to enter again and have recommended the competition to many artists.”
Ed Moret - Massachusetts, USA - 2013 Selected Artist
“To see my work displayed on the walls of your gallery was validating on so many levels. I have been doing art for more than 40 years and I couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of satisfaction, joy, accomplishment, and personal honor. Thank you for that opportunity… Winning the competition has fueled my passion and inspired me to work harder. It has also provided me with distinction as a professional fine artist.”
Doug DePice - New Yersey, USA - 2012 Selected Artist
“It was a pleasure to participate in the 2011 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. It was the second time I took part and I was very proud to be selected this time. It was amazing to have the chance to show my artwork in the Agora Gallery and it was a great feeling to be a New York City exhibited artist. It has motivated me to work even harder and to go my own way in my abstract painting.”
Ilse Bormann - Germany - 2011 Selected Artist
“My experience with Agora Gallery has been very positive. Although I could not attend the exhibition itself for reasons of travel, everything related to the exhibition has been very professional throughout. Working with a gallery like this is always a help to the creative work of a photographer.”
Jose A. Gallego - Spain - 2010 Selected Artist
“My experience taking part in the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition was extremely positive and rewarding. I found everyone working at the Agora Gallery to be friendly and professional. They showed enthusiasm for all of the artwork, which filled me with a sense of confidence that I was in good hands and that they had the artists’ best interests in mind. The show was outstanding and I was impressed with the breadth of the styles and mediums represented.”
James Keul - New York, USA - 2009 Selected Artist
“I walked into the evening reception for the 23rd Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition and realized just how honored I was to show my work in such a place. Agora Gallery is a stark, beautiful canvas just waiting to adorn itself with the artwork of the most talented modern artists from so many different countries. This competition allowed me the opportunity to later become represented by the gallery for a year, which I was happy to accept.”
Marisa Atha - California, USA - 2008 Selected Artist
“Being successfully selected for ‘The 2007 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition meant so very much to me! And, being selected by Ms Tina Kukielski felt like such an accomplishment that it didn’t feel real, I almost didn’t believe the result. Before the Chelsea Fine Art Competition I had only been successful in winning acclaim for my painting, now my photography and painting stand side by side. I come from a line of painters, my grandfather Eric Pendlebury, and my father Anthony Pendlebury. Before now I have sold work overseas but this is the first show I have been involved in outside Europe. The 2007 Chelsea Fine Art Competition is definitely the highest point in my artistic career.”
Nathan Pendlebury - United Kingdom - 2007 Selected Artist
“I realize the significance of giving young talent a forum to be showcased and hope to open my own gallery one day and create opportunities for new artists in the future.”
Stephen Looney - New York, USA - 2006 Selected Artist

Competition Calendar

Competition Opens: Feb 3, 2015

Entry Deadline: Mar 10, 2015

Results Announced: Apr 2, 2015

Exhibition Dates: Aug 25 - Sep 8, 2015