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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Competition

What is the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition?
The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition is a renowned contemporary art contest that has been juried by prominent museum curators and experts. This international contemporary art event offers awards, visibility, exposure to the New York art market and participation in a group show.
When is the competition entry deadline?
The competition entry deadline is March 10 2015.
When will the competition open?
The competition is scheduled to open on February 3 2015.
Is there an age requirement?
Yes. All entrants must be at least 18 years of age.
Can I enter if I don't live in the United States?
Yes, the competition is open to artists anywhere in the world, and all receive equal consideration.
Who is the juror?
The juror changes with each exhibition. Each selected juror is an influential voice in the New York art world. Check our guidelines section to see this year’s juror.
How will I know if my entry has arrived and been entered in the competition?
You will receive an email confirmation of your entry. If you do not receive confirmation within 24 hours please contact
How do I find out the results of the competition?
Results will be emailed to all participating artists and published online.
Where can I see the results of previous years' competitions?
You can see the results of previous years' competitions here.
English is not my native tongue. Does your staff speak additional languages?
Yes, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Russian.
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Entry Fee

How much does it cost to enter the competition?
There is a $45 entry fee for up to 5 images; $5 for each additional image.
Are Entry Fees Refundable?
Entry fees are only refundable if you have paid by credit card and an error on our part prevents you from submitting your entry.
Can I send the competition fee in cash?
NO - The competition fee may only be paid by Paypal and Credit Card.
Can I send the competition fee by Western Union?
NO - The competition fee may only be paid by Paypal and Credit Card.
Can I transfer the competition fee by money wire?
Can I send the competition fee by checks or money orders?
Can I pay the entry fee by credit or debit card?
Can I pay the entry fee using Paypal?
Will artists represented by Agora Gallery have to pay the entry fee?
Yes. The competition is not juried by Agora Gallery and participation in the competition is not included in Agora Gallery’s representation. All artists must pay the entry fee.
Aside from the entry fee for the contest, will there be additional charges?
If an artist is selected for the exhibition he/she will be responsible for all shipping charges to and from Agora Gallery.
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What To Enter

Can I upload a PDF file of my entire portfolio?
No. We only accept JPG images.
Can I send a digital image of my artwork as an entry?
Yes. All entries, without exception, must be in digital format. Each image must be at least 72 dpi and 200 KB. The shortest side of the image must be at least 338 pixels. All entries must be made in JPG format. Please make sure that each image does not exceed 5MB and is smaller than 7500 x 7500 pixels.
How do I get a digital image of my artwork?
You can hire a professional photographer, or you can photograph the art yourself with a digital camera. You may also scan your artwork directly or from a photograph using a flatbed scanner.
How important is the quality of the photograph I send?
Image quality is very important. This is the only exposure to your artwork that the juror will have, and a poor representation such as a blurred image, or one affected by glare, dim lighting or unnecessary background objects will reduce your chances of being selected.
Should I enter artwork that shows the different styles that I can create or should I keep the art to one style?
You should try to keep your entries to the same style.
I was not selected in the last competition. Does that mean that my chance of being selected is lower than the other artists?
No. There are 3 factors that affect the results and they change each year:
  1. Artists have the opportunity to submit different images.
  2. The artists you are competing against change with each competition.
  3. The juror who judges the competition changes every competition.
If I am selected to receive a monetary award, how do I receive the cash prize?
It will be paid in the form most convenient to the artist. The artist can receive a check or wired funds.
Is sculpture eligible for the competition?
Yes. For a sculpture entry, we recommend that your photograph shows the work from more than one angle.
Should I include a resume and statement with the entry?
No - we want to give an equal chance to everybody and therefore the competition is judged solely on the basis of artwork itself. If you are selected we will need a biography/resume and statement for the exhibition promotion. You may add your statement and bio to the entry form if you wish, but this will not be considered in the jurying process.
Is digital work accepted?
Digital artwork will be accepted on the condition that if selected for the exhibition the artwork must be printed on high quality paper or canvas and framed. When sending the images you must let us know what the framed dimensions will be.
What are the dimensional limitations of the actual artwork?
2-Dimensional Work - Each piece can be no larger than 75" x 85" (192 x 218 centimeters).

Diptych, Triptych - A work made up of multiple pieces can be up to 168" (427 centimeters) wide, as long as each part is no larger than 75" x 85" (192 x 218 centimeters).

3-Dimensional Work - The maximum size for a work that is preassembled (arrives as one piece) is 72" x 72" x 24" (184 x 184 x 61 centimeters). The maximum size for work that is comprised of multiple parts to be assembled in the gallery is 72"H x 72"W x 36"D (184 x 184 x 92 centimeters ).
Can artwork that is not for sale be considered for the competition?
No - all participating artwork must be available for sale.
Can selected artwork be replaced if sold prior to the exhibition?
Yes, pending our approval, and only with artwork similar in style and medium to the selected one.
Can I submit multiple views of the same piece?
Yes, you can add up to 4 additional views per image, making 5 in total, without additional charge. This applies to both 3-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional works.
Are numbered Giclee prints accepted for the exhibition?
Giclee prints will only be accepted for digital art and photographic art.
Will the judging be based on actual artwork or will it be based on the images that are sent?
Judging will be done based only on image files in JPG format.
Is there a time frame in which the work must have been produced?
There is no time frame in which the work must have been created. The work must be available during the competition exhibition dates, and must be available for sale.
Is collaborative work accepted?
Collaborative work is accepted as long as the collaboration does not exceed two people.
Is kinetic work accepted?
Kinetic work can be accepted - however we are not set up to accept mpeg or QuickTime files - please send a few JPG files of your work.
Is miniature sculpture accepted?
Miniature sculpture is accepted, however if the work is chosen, the artist is responsible for the installation, with the work protected in a Plexiglas box during the exhibition.
Do you accept installations for the competition?
No, installations are not accepted.
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If you are selected to participate in the exhibition, your artwork must be framed or stretched.
Stretched work must be gallery wrapped.

Framed work must be framed in a similar manner – the frames do not have to be identical but they must be very similar – keep in mind that works are usually displayed one next to the other and using different types of frames will distract the viewers. It is your responsibility to make sure that your artwork is adequately wired and ready to hang.
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Selected artists are responsible for all arrangements and costs connected to shipping to and from the gallery and for insuring the artwork while it is in transit.
Do you arrange the customs entrance of the work being shipped?
No, if you are selected to take part in the exhibition then you will have to arrange it. Most shipping companies can take care of this for you.

Insurance in transit: Agora Gallery, its officers and agents will not bear liability for any loss or damage to any work while in transit to or from the gallery – you should arrange insurance with the shipping company when sending your artwork.

Agora Gallery's premises: Your artwork will be insured while it is on Agora Gallery's premises to a maximum value of up to $10,000 per artwork.
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Commission structure on work sold: The gallery’s commission structure is 70/30: the artist receives 70% of the List/Retail price and the gallery receives 30% of the List/Retail price.

In addition: 15% of Agora Gallery proceed’s from the sale of artwork from the competition exhibition go to a charitable organization.

Payment date:
You will be paid within three weeks after Agora Gallery receives full payment for the sold artwork.
If the artwork doesn't sell, will it be returned to the artist?
Yes. The artwork is the property of the artist and will be returned at the end of the exhibition if it is not sold. The artist is responsible for paying for the return shipping of the artwork.
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Please email if you were not able to find an answer to your question.

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