530 West 25th Street, New York, NY  Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm
530 West 25th Street, New York, NY
Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm
(212) 226-4151
  •   Archeologia Fantastica
    Mixed Media on Wood
    39" x 28"
    Loretta Bagnoli

  •   Capitello Segreto
    (Secret Capital)
    Mixed Media on Wood
    39" x 28"
    Loretta Bagnoli

  •   Viaggio in Italia
    (Trip to Italy)
    Mixed Media on Wood
    39" x 28"
    Loretta Bagnoli

  •   Metamorfosi del Paesaggio
    Mixed Media on Wood
    31" x 24"
    Loretta Bagnoli

Loretta Bagnoli


The Odyssey Within
December 12 - January 2, 2009
Reception: Thursday December 18, 2008 6-8 PM

Press Release

Loretta Bagnoli tragically passed away while she was being represented by Agora Gallery. She will be greatly missed. As her best friend, Mrs. Giovanna Arrigoni, puts it: "Loretta Bagnoli's art ensures that she will always live in her friends' memories long after her departure from our world. All those who were privileged to see and understand her art remain connected to her memory. Loretta's art is: plastic and chromatic rigorism as a mirror through which feelings can be transmitted, partly through the use of human, animal or everyday figures as archetypes in her paintings, connecting her at once to the real world and to the shared human awareness of it."

Italian artist Loretta Bagnoli crafts works on paper and mixed media sculptural pieces that draw on her training as an art restorer, but also her unique lexicon of architectural, surreal and still life imagery. Working in sharply contrasted tones, surfaces and materials, she portrays de Chirico-like cityscapes, impossible buildings reminiscent of M.C. Escher, and infinitely complex ranges of forms rendered in dripping gold paints or smooth and tightly controlled acrylic patterns. Her versatility is not confined to works on paper, and these pieces often extend into bas-relief sculpture incorporating wood and thickly impastoed paints.

With their shimmering golden hues, complex systems of classical symbols and intricate combinations of materials, Bagnoli’s works reward considered and contemplative viewing. Indeed, many of her works’ richest details only emerge on close inspection, like the networks of what look like crosshatched brushstrokes that turn out to be tiny, intricate cityscapes tucked into the broader composition. Such surprises give her work incredible variety, keeping viewers’ eyes alert while revealing new layers of definition and meaning.

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