530 West 25th Street, New York, NY  Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm
530 West 25th Street, New York, NY
Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm
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Call for Artists

The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition

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Agora Gallery has been the sponsor of international fine art competitions since 1984.

The competition is open to all visual artists above the age of 18 and we accept all media with the exception of video art, film, performance art, jewelry and crafts

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Portfolio Review for Gallery Representation

If you are a talented artist, looking for new venues and new challenges, then you may be ready to enter the New York contemporary fine art scene. Agora Gallery is currently engaged in a call for artists and portfolio submissions - we are interested in seeing your work.

Are you ready to move into the international market, and exhibit your work in one of the most significant centers of the art world? This may be the next natural stage for your career as a fine artist, whether you are building on the local success that you have already experienced or simply because your work does not fit into local venues and requires a much more sophisticated audience.

Naturally, the best way to begin is for your work to appear in an established art gallery, a gallery whose prominence in the art world attracts a steady stream of thousands upon thousands of art enthusiasts. The first stage in achieving this goal will be the submission of an artist portfolio, followed by a portfolio review. Not all galleries hold a portfolio review on a regular basis; when they do, the review will usually be performed by the gallery director/curator and involves their examination of your work to consider the technique, expression and stylistic achievement. Before sending your portfolio to a gallery it is important that you check that they are currently accepting applications and what their submission requirements are. Moving into the fine art world can be extremely challenging for those who do not already have a strong international presence or connections and a call for artists from many galleries may only be aimed at artists who are already well established.

Agora Gallery, established in 1984, is a fine art gallery based in Chelsea, the well-known art district of New York City and a hub of the global art world. This is an ideal location for all artists to show their work and take their place on the international stage. For over two decades we have provided useful guidance and advice to artists new to the New York art market.

Agora Gallery is currently accepting submissions, and is sending out a call to artists from around the world, and at all stages in their art careers, to submit their portfolios for consideration.

Click here to submit your portfolio to be reviewed for gallery representation.


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