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"Until I started exhibiting my work at Agora Gallery, I had feeling that the "doors" to be accepted in the art world were closed. Now those "doors" have opened."
K Garon
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ARTisSpectrum is a contemporary art magazine published biannually by Agora Gallery. It includes articles by professionals in many different spheres within the art community and deals with recent trends in the art world, traces the development of Chelsea, the art district of New York, and offers advice to artists on a wide range of issues. The magazine also profiles talented artists, and inclusion in the magazine is an option for all artists represented by Agora Gallery. Premium representation includes a half page artist profile, with images of selected works and a review written by an art critic.


Readers' Feedback

I love magazine front cover and especially the writing on the cover stating" You Belong Here" Those worlds speaks straight to the heart of each artist. Quality of Magazine is superb.

After reading your Article "New York City: Evoking the Muse" I want to share with you what I feel each time when I visit New York City: Each time when I come to visit City I don't feel that I'm visitor here. I feel that I'M RETURNING HOME after long, long journey and after many detours.
-Kristina Garon

With regards to my profile, when I read the email of Mrs. Asper with regards to my acceptance of my profile, which was modified by your staff, "I just about fell off my chair", as it captured, not only in text, but in poetry, the essence of my work. What a great article! I am absolutely delighted with it!
-Peter Schulz

The quality of ArtisSpectrum (paper, print, colours, essays) continues to grow year after year! Congratulations - it is an aesthetic pleasure to read it!
-Katrin Alvarez

I loved it. The work, the art, the talents, the experience, all shine through every page. You get inspired by a world of its own. Thank you for opening the door to me to enter such a glorious world.
-Lara Nasr

I was not expecting such a pleasant surprise.
This fabulous magazine is the best I have seen in its type.
Congratulations on this success, great job!!!
-Ricardo Lowenberg

I always love the day when ARTisSpectrum magazine arrives in the mailbox. While it's fun to scope out the visions and approaches of other artists, I especially enjoy your slightly longer feature articles. I was particularly drawn to the piece called "Making Time for Art." It's a vexing problem for every multi-tasking artist who is bombarded by "to do" lists every single day. Keep up the good work. In a world that increasingly streams its information electronically, it's great to see words, pictures, and ideas on paper.
-John Nieman


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