Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Why LACMA wants MOCA and why its director thinks the deal would benefit both.

Google Art is not just images – now it’s art talks, too.

Britain’s murals are famous – but are they being allowed to disintegrate?

The particular challenges posed by public sculpture – even when it’s popular.

Right now the Louvre doesn’t have much Latin American art – but all that is about to change.

India’s first biennale – revitalizing the region, and the discourse of the contemporary in art.

Popular stories from the week:

Should we not accept video games as art?What about this game?

Why digital technology has a lot to give when it comes to art history.

Behind the scenes in the complex process of putting an exhibition together. (It’s a fascinating process Agora, too! Watching Angela and Clara consider every inch of space carefully is inspiring.)

Famous works of art… in the form of breakfast food.

Tilt – photos of people leaning in a tilted NYC.

Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

The world might have twice as many Caravaggios as we thought… Or not.

The Louvre would like more French visitors, has more art than it has room to show – while a nearby town is lonely and could do with a tourist attraction: enter the Little Louvre.

‘A museum is not a company’ – is that the problem at LA MOCA?

The Tacoma Art Museum is thrilled with its recent gift – and it might be a good thing for Western American art, too.

A museum and its gardens have been transported back to the days of 1929 – I can’t wait to see Philly’s new Rodin Museum!

Performance art is where it’s at – and we are all performers.

Popular stories from the week:

Rediscovering the awe in art – via the philosopher who hated the arts.

Engaging with public art – interesting article, and the images are just pure fun.

The arts are pervasive – and valuable in ways we can’t even begin to calculate. So maybe we should stop trying to quantify.

Augmented reality livens up LACMA – and I have to say, it looks like fun!

Soup cans, coke, ice cream – Andy Warhol and why he was so obsessed with food.

Artists and designers give their takes on the classic British phone box.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it – love this Monopoly Game street art.

Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Painting by ‘unknown artist’ turns out to be by someone rather well-known – Van Gogh.

Is the Greek art market full of fakes?

Human Rights Watch looks askance at the Guggenheim and the Louvre in Abu Dhabi.

‘You take pictures, I paint’ – the division of labor between Picasso and his main photographer.

Can art aid recovery from a stroke? Yes, says one study.

Popular stories from the week:

The massage is the medium? An unusual form of art, by appointment only.

Fabulous photos of phenomena – and the science behind them.

Just for fun – surreal mannequin sculptures on the street (and elsewhere).

Artist plans to make a giant salad on the High Line? I’m there.