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Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

The Turner Prize has a winner but not everyone is happy with the choice.

Major galleries and auction houses caught up in German fake art scam – and the problems are far from resolved.

Painting murals on private property might become legal in LA – with the owners’ consent, of course.

Spain’s brand new art center is due to close in two days time – and it might never reopen.

Are academics afraid to authenticate?

Popular stories from the week:

Drilling to discover da Vinci – or not.

Chicago’s mayor insists that his office celebrate Chicago’s art.

New insight into the officially approved art of the Third Reich (Hitler bought a picture with a unicorn. Really.).

‘The way we view art is not rational’ – we’re influenced by the information we’re given.

Make your own Christmas cards, with great images from LACMA.

Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Leading British collector Charles Saatchi says many art buyers can’t tell good artists from bad.

Talking to Ai Weiwei – about art and cats.

Art Basel Miami – better range, better quality, better city.

‘Money speaks for itself’ – why the art market is doing a roaring trade.

Banksy is back in the news… quite a lot, actually.

Popular stories from the week:

A surprise Rembrandt self-portrait – discovered by x-ray.

Considering crowd-funding? Think of all the options.

Looking back at ten years of free museum entry in the UK, important art world figures pick their favorite works.

1940s New York – as seen by Stanley Kubrick.

Making art from a surprising medium – ordinary table salt.

Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Occupy Wall Street – looking for a multipurpose arts space.

It’s all about ‘owning great art’ – London’s RCA’s ‘secret sale.’

Czech artist makes the news with a record setting auction and a theft in the same week.

Pleas for change in the art scene of Abu Dhabi.

Popular stories from the week:

Salvador Dali was interviewed on TV
– and answered surreally, of course.

Finding a style that really is your own. (The article is about photography, but the relevance is wider-ranging.)

Watching the wonder of winter in time-lapse videos.

Surreal sculptures that bend objects and perspectives.

Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Ai Weiwei thinks of his ongoing battle as performance art but there are new charges on the scene.

The Clyfford Still Museum has opened and will need to keep shaking things up.

“The art market’s one-man Dow Jones” – Warhol and whether he’s worth it.

The dangers threatening the project that wants to rescue Haiti’s heritage.

The Walmart heiress’s gallery, and the mixed reactions it provokes.

What Irish arts do for their economy – and why they matter to recovery.

Popular stories from the week:

The comic book art that inspires Occupy artists.

The museum app experience – the good and the bad.

Limited edition digital art?

Sotheby’s gets a good price for a work by a fictional artist.

The world’s largest 3D painting.

Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Talking about temperature – why climate control is a controversial topic for museums and galleries.

UK’s National Gallery really, really wants those Titians. It’s going to stop buying other paintings to get them.

Grants for the arts – how San Francisco funds its culture.

Veterans who are finding therapy through art.

Popular stories from the week:

Ancient cave paintings of spotted horses may have been drawn from life – but that doesn’t take away their power.

Helping kids engage with art and hoping to foster a lifelong love.

Giving Japanese tsunami victims a camera, an album, and the encouragement to build good memories.

Turner’s art – informed by science.

Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

The Louvre wants to clean a Leonardo – but not everyone is happy.

Where are the jobs for artists? Well, pretty much where you’d expect. (Yes, NYC is on the list!)

Arts in prisons helps cut reoffending rates.

Looking online – how museums are welcoming people digitally.

Popular stories from the week:

What do the arts mean to you? Sharing stories in Australia.

What inspired Steve Jobs in his final year? Rothko.

Why you can’t dance painting: whether it’s Picasso or Caravaggio, it doesn’t work.

Wander along the High Line with Google Street View(we love the High Line; it’s a great way to walk to work).

Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Graffiti speaks in Egypt and elsewhere.

An unknown Velazquez – found among the works of a minor artist at auction.

Copper prices have skyrocketed – which puts artworks in danger of being used as scrap metal.

Crowdsourcing: opening new doors for art.

Popular stories from the week:

The English National Ballet is to take up residency… in the Tate.

Love these images; flooded tanks give a lovely eerie feel.

The art of half a portrait.

The sculpture that divides into rotating parts.

Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

The protesters are Occupying Museums but what about their own art?

The new building of Paris’ Musée d’Orsay sounds impressive – shame about the strike.

The damaged masterpiece; the strange story of a Henry Moore no one will claim.

The art handlers speak out – why they like working with art, and why the strike matters.

Selling artwork to pay for rebuilding - the museum that hasn’t been open since Jan 2009.

Popular stories from the week:

Looking at Leonardo  – and his sensuality.

Should we distinguish between photography and ‘image-making’? Does the use of a computer mean we’re talking about a different form of art?

Need house paints? Talk to the Guggenheim.

Photographing at The Factory; when Warhol met Dali (he was nervous).

Can you identify the masterpieces? Classic paintings staged for photos.

Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Business as usual at London’s Frieze but don’t go there to look at art.

Does arts funding only serve a small part of the population?

An ambitious art project in Kiev.

The High Museum of Art; building its profile through relationships with other institutions.

Clyfford Still; still a bit of a mystery, but now with a museum to his name.

Are reselling techniques harmful to the careers of younger artists?

Popular stories from the week:

Cheering up commuters – the Billboard Art Project hits Chicago.

Maybe someone else shot Van Gogh, after all?

Artist can paint nude models in Times Square… as long as it’s after dark.

Should there be a sacred aspect to art? And if so, should we cut technology out of the experience?

Did you know Andy Warhol illustrated a children’s book? He did, in 1958.

Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Masterpieces stolen from a French museum might have gone on to be crushed… into trash

London’s National Gallery is hosting a blockbuster da Vinci exhibit next month… unless the staff walk out

These cave paintings have survived thousands of years – but tourism might see their downfall

Graffiti threatens public works of art in LA – and it’s not clear what would help

The art industry changes as it caters to the Chinese market

Popular stories from the week:

Collide@Cern – exploring the human imagination as art and science meet

The importance of not playing to an audience – in photography as in the rest of visual art

NYC sculpture hidden inside big cube of yarn

Street art, photography, and very little people

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