Art and life; balancing your time

This week’s post is the result of several recent conversations on the subject of time management and how difficult it can be to incorporate your career in art, and your artistic impulses, into the rest of your life. It’s evidently a problem that many artists worry about, and getting it right (or at least finding a reasonable balance) can be the work of years, and remain an ongoing challenge.

The nature of the problem varies a little depending on whether you are a full-time artist, or whether your art is something that must fight with other work commitments. Maintaining both a job and your art can be difficult, of course, because both together can place significant stress on both your time and your energy, particularly when both are important to you and are things you take seriously. There can be advantages to such an arrangement, for experiences and discussions from one aspect of your work can contribute to the development and interest of the other.

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