Reception Review- July 12th, 2012

Proving that Italians love an opportunity to break bread together, when Italian artist Michelle Hold learned that there were two other Italian artists participating in the same exhibition, she seized the opportunity to contact them for a pre-exhibition get together. Artists Max Giannotta and Alessandro Patrone joined Hold in Italy to discuss all things Art, Agora and the upcoming trip to New York City. All three artists arrived together for the July 12th, 2012 reception at Agora Gallery and from the looks of it, they will be lifelong friends.

Italian Artist Michelle Hold

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Exhibition: Figuratively Speaking; Degrees of Abstraction; Portal to Enigma

Make art part of your new year by visiting Agora Gallery’s upcoming exhibitions. Let the harmony, joy and resonance of Figuratively Speaking add new vitality to your day, become intrigued by the charm and mystery embedded in the works of Degrees of Abstraction and feel the thrill of being poised on the brink of inspiration and discovery as you examine the art of Portal to Enigma. The exhibitions begin on January 17, 2012 and continue until February 7, 2012. The opening reception will take place on January 19, 2012. Entrance is free and all art lovers are warmly encouraged to attend.

There is an abiding sense of honesty and integrity that runs through the works that make up Figuratively Speaking. Whether the artist seeks to capture aspects of the natural world, the complexity of human nature or a personal emotion or experience, there is no doubt that their creation is motivated by a powerful belief and a desire to share a message and understanding. This, combined with the artists’ skill, makes viewing these artworks a profoundly memorable experience.

In Degrees of Abstraction, visitors will be fascinated by the varying approaches to form and the way it is portrayed. Allowing their backgrounds and knowledge to influence their artistic process, these artists use their own sources of inspiration to share that valuable energy with others, pouring creative vivacity into their creations so that it can, in turn, reach the hearts and minds of those who come into contact with the works.

Portal to Enigma presents a collection of compelling artworks that speak to their audience on a number of levels and through many different techniques. While full of an awareness of the vulnerabilities and frailties of human nature, they are also impressively optimistic and encouraging, standing as proof that new perceptions are possible and that the potential for change is always there to be grasped.

Exhibition dates: January 17, 2012 – February 7, 2012
Reception: Thursday, January 19, 2012 6-8 PM
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, New York City
Gallery Hours: Tues – Sat, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Featured artists:
Figuratively Speaking: Jim Cobb, Nancy De Boni, Lane M. Duncan, Pat Gastreich, Eliza Gomez, Gwen Graham, Patrick Mason, Coco Mobuli, Trevin Prince, Shyamala Rao, Mark Salevitz, Carmen Sotuela
Degrees of Abstraction: Sevega Adriano, Lawrence R. Armstrong, Brigitte Balbinot, Christian Bundegaard, Carmen Egea, Yuri Elperin, Laila Khan Furniturewalla, Ivana Kosanovic, Deva Lei, Marianna Merler, Marjolijn Oude Vrielink, Andreas Strobel
Portal to Enigma: Mauricio Cadavid, Roula Chreim, Rodolfo Cuesta, Jacques Desgagnés, Debra Fitzsimmons, Ignacio Hábrika, Kiko Sobrino, Jesús Uclés, Zae Ulrich, Aleksandra Vavilova

Exhibition: A Maze of Milieu; Interpretive Realms; Portal of Tranquility

Three enlivening new exhibitions are coming to Agora Gallery, bringing with them a refreshing sense of peace, novelty and pleasure that will help visitors feel invigorated despite the summer’s heat. Opening on July 26, 2011 and continuing until August 16, 2011, this event is a must-see for anyone looking to be reminded of the wonder of the world. The opening reception takes place on Thursday July 28, 2011. As usual, entrance is free and art enthusiasts are encouraged to attend.

In A Maze of Milieu, artists use their strong creative abilities and inspirations to tie themselves and their works to the past, the present and the future. Direct, powerful and appealingly vibrant, these works show how art can be used as a universal form of communication which connects us through the qualities we all share.

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Exhibition: Altered States of Reality: Fine Art Photography

Agora Gallery is celebrating the variety, beauty and complexity of the world in this month’s exhibition. Altered States of Reality: An Exhibition of Analog and Digital Fine Art Photography opens April 19, 2011 and runs until May 10, 2011, with the opening reception taking place on April 21, 2011. As always, all art-lovers are warmly invited to attend, and entrance is free. Those who appreciate the subtlety and appeal of fine art photography are particularly encouraged to visit this biannual and ever-popular show.

Part of the thrill of viewing the work of fine art photographers is that they begin, on some level, with an aspect of the world we all share, and from there move on to present it to us in a way that shows us something new. It is this ability to change the way reality is perceived that makes the photographs magical and even fascinating.

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Collective Exhibition: The Manifestation of Milieu; Rhythm of Color; Unbound Perspectives

The vibrancy of color and the warmth of creativity are coming to Agora Gallery to brighten up those winter days in three new exhibitions arriving soon. Opening on February 4, 2011 and running until February 25, 2011, with the opening reception on February 10, 2011, these shows will make the short days seem more lively. As always, art-lovers are warmly invited to attend and admission is free.

A heartening sense of energy and motion characterizes the works in The Manifestation of Milieu, as these artists seek the life within and bring it to add an extra level of wonder to the world outside. This is an exhibit that will leave you feeling comforted, reassured and hopeful for the future, even while contemplating the complexities and puzzles of the present.

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Collective Exhibition

Agora Gallery is kicking off the new year with a sparkling new collective exhibition that adds hope and life to even the coldest days. Beginning on January 11, 2011 and continuing until February 1, 2011, this show is not to be missed! The opening reception will be held on January 13, 2011, and as always art-lovers, collectors and artists are warmly invited to attend. We are also delighted to announce that Metamorphosis, VéroniKaH’s solo exhibition in Gallery II, will be continuing until February 1, 2011.

There is a deep sense of personal reality explored in the works of Symbols of Synergy, as the artists delve into the richness of their different backgrounds to bring the best of what they know to the creation of their work. Emotional, powerful and with an underlying sense of harmony, these works represent the achievement of artists who have learned to combine creativity with a strong awareness of their world.

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Collective Exhibition

Three fantastic new exhibitions are coming to Agora Gallery to brighten up the days inside, as they get darker outside. If you need a burst of inspiration in your life, don’t miss out – drop in to enjoy the show, which opens November 23, 2010 and runs until December 14, 2010. The opening reception is on December 02, 2010 and as always, all art-lovers are warmly encouraged to attend.

Portals of Perception features the unforgettable works of artists who seek a version of reality that they can appreciate and relate to, which they then transfer to their art to share with their audience. Sensitively and imaginatively rendered, these images will breathe new life into the world you thought you knew.

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