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Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world:

Paris – cutting edge, but criticized by its own http://nyti.ms/92Vv1u

The new niche that’s developing in Hong Kong http://nyti.ms/b9yFec

Rethinking the visitor experience – the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s director speaks http://bit.ly/94rcgk

Moscow begins to take video art seriously http://bit.ly/9SymHK

Popular stories from the week:

Follow in the footsteps of artists, starting with Turner, as artist trails come to the UK http://bit.ly/99Rydl

Art auctions dominated by an oddly cerebral approach http://nyti.ms/dD8il6 Surely the visual appearance of a work is vital?

A defunct Russian collective turns into an artist village http://nyti.ms/d9Bawj

The significance of weather in painting periods http://bit.ly/dou7po How does weather play a role in your art?

Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world:

The Basel buzz – where video abounds and success visits http://nyti.ms/9QUrF0 for names both big and small http://bit.ly/9dnoZA

‘The muses who roared'; how Surrealism blossomed through the work of 3 amazing women whose work is now being brought to light http://bit.ly/9XbKFs

The Museum of African Art takes its place in the center of the NY #art world, in part thanks to one woman http://nyti.ms/dhlmmF

What next? Damien Hirst with his own art gallery? http://bit.ly/aR1qP7

Sharing rather than renting wholesale – Tyler Green on why the end of blockbuster shows is good for everyone http://bit.ly/a92HNW

Popular stories from the week:

An anthropologist analyzes the art world http://bit.ly/aOdMNt

MoMA produces it’s first iPhone app, giving you a Van Gogh that’ll fit into your pocket http://bit.ly/cPvBRk

The tricks of the trade London’s National Gallery uses to find fakes and discover more about masterpieces http://bit.ly/9rwfe6

Got time on your hands? Create your very own diamond-encrusted skull! Well, more or less… http://bit.ly/aY8gf4

Why modern art is ‘all in the mind’ http://bit.ly/cfF5Os Agree? Disagree? Discuss!

Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Australian artists unite in outrage as funds are recommended not to invest in the arts http://bit.ly/aAdsHW

Questions of funding become ever more important http://bit.ly/9qsKDD as cultural donations plunge http://bit.ly/ck8ebW

U.S. response to contemporary Iranian art is subdued as the market lags behind that elsewhere in the world http://bit.ly/cdCjSH

MoMA gears up for an exhibit that will make the most of its own collection http://bit.ly/b6sMML

Popular stories from the week:

A bit of scientific detective work deduces where Monet was standing when entranced by smog http://bit.ly/bTmgSE

Tired of your brush and palette knife? Try light painting! http://bit.ly/9MmFud

Stand out from the crowd: How to take a memorable photo of a waterfall http://bit.ly/cPzeFM

When Apple inspires art – http://bit.ly/aSSukj

Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world:

The era of the Young British Artists is over – bring on the next big thing! http://bit.ly/9vuqFg

As LA MOCA’s new director takes over, a critic offers dos and don’ts http://bit.ly/9mznVZ

Trying to turn Florida fair into an international event http://bit.ly/bK3rdm

As the Paris #art scene moves back to the center, should we regret the passing of a hopeful gallery initiative? http://nyti.ms/bO2TNK

Art – increasingly shut out of schools in California http://bit.ly/cobuC7

Popular stories from the week:

Newly discovered Aboriginal painting may be one of the earliest in the world http://bit.ly/9KkmPM

Saturn’s icy moon returns photos of beauty http://bit.ly/aU6pZE

A kick start for art – a new project that seeks to support emerging artists and their projects http://bit.ly/cTqPnL

Visit the Met – and climb all over its newest exhibit! http://nyti.ms/9VsVcw

The unusual art parties of New York http://nyti.ms/bUQEOX I have to ask – has anyone been to one like this?

Art news round-up

News from around the art world:

Buzz surrounds Hong Kong art fair, as Western dealers try to work out how to appeal to new Asian buyers http://bit.ly/96AU35

The Chinese artist who likes money and is setting up a gallery sponsored by a bank http://nyti.ms/cr4py8

How much funding is good for the arts? The debate continues http://bit.ly/9IINPG

When too much familiarity can be a bad thing – why we need more distance from masterpieces http://bit.ly/d3zlMJ

Popular stories from the week:

Is Botticelli’s pastoral Venus and Mars really a not-so-innocent take on darker topics? http://bit.ly/dhhSQh

A lost master and his freemasonry http://nyti.ms/c9W9dR

Is Banksy’s latest success really a kiss of death? http://bit.ly/bnhJds

When design is just delightful http://nyti.ms/9MKHd9

Art news round-up

It’s been a busy week in the art world, so here are some headlines collected together for your weekly art update. As always, all comments and opinions are welcome!

News stories from around the art world:

Why the choice of the stolen French masterpieces was well-thought out http://bit.ly/9rNPGF and how it happened http://nyti.ms/dfJRjI

Where next, Vancouver Art Gallery? But no one knows – http://bit.ly/d1sfCA

Staying stoical in the face of cuts – the U.K. election aftermath http://bit.ly/98k5oa

Art criticism in China? It’s complicated. http://bit.ly/dcSwL7

Virginia gets a new fine art museum http://bit.ly/cgLA0E but where’s the art? http://bit.ly/9JXOqR

Popular stories from the week:

How to say ‘no, thank you’ to a potential museum donation http://bit.ly/cTYI9B

Why the European Enlightenment is officially over, in an ‘end of’ exhibition http://bit.ly/b9YjMS

And the Louvre’s second biggest draw is… huh? http://bit.ly/c8Domz

How jumping can be a photographic philosophy http://nyti.ms/dAoprl

Tired of painting on canvas? Try these interesting alternatives! http://bit.ly/bBJ06b

Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world:

The UK and its new culture secretary; a good guy http://bit.ly/d3Qxni but already looking at cuts http://bit.ly/9fr1MH

Postwar and contemporary art prove to be part of the wider art market http://nyti.ms/99B6Th

The Tate Modern’s birthday present to itself; the declaration that geography doesn’t matter http://bit.ly/aY0HHl

The hot legal topics – and pitfalls – for museums today http://bit.ly/b2FjUq

Key traits of a successful photojournalist; competitive, ruthless, and lucky. In a good way, mostly. http://bit.ly/abFniU

Popular stories from the week:

Art, plunder and why it’s pretty complicated nowadays http://bit.ly/9DFdfC

Using society as an ideas factory – conceptual art online http://n.pr/9U8g7w

The philosopher’s attempt to cure the public of a fear of Modernism http://bit.ly/b51h3F

Brazilian street art – I wish our streets were this much fun! http://bit.ly/ae74XB

And last but not least, a living landscape – the guy who treats his head like a canvas http://bit.ly/ctGLSB

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Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world:

The Australian love affair with public art – proud and popular (though still at risk from vandalism) http://bit.ly/aH9qU1

Has the Turner Prize lost its touch, or is it still valuable in today’s art world? http://bit.ly/dmKvPw

As art auctions return to boom-time mode, attention shifts to the money rather than the work http://nyti.ms/dr5Olx and not everyone is happy http://bit.ly/b4H4XZ

Street art takes on new streets in San Francisco http://nyti.ms/9inDKi Is this a sign of increased acceptance?

The Pompidou Metz wows with its opening show http://nyti.ms/aZB1km and impresses with its architecture- see slide show http://bit.ly/9JsqkA

Popular stories from the week:

A tattered portrait which never impressed its owners might turn out to be a da Vinci self portrait http://bit.ly/apGRxA while a not-so-fake-after-all Raphael is set to rake in the cash http://bit.ly/9gvcIc

So what is sound art, anyway? http://bit.ly/a2VH8E All thoughts appreciated!

The melons of LACMA and “a triumph of human-plant collaboration.” Seriously. http://bit.ly/944QMX

Art news round-up

A selection of the past week’s art stories, straight to your inbox if you subscribe by email. A very international set of stories in our first category this week, while the first and last items in the popular category were particularly picked up on. Don’t forget that you can receive daily news updates by following @Agora_Gallery on Twitter!

News stories from around the art world:

Russian art – the new big thing http://bit.ly/9KWb0j

Dead or Alive – a playful look at artists and their natural materials http://nyti.ms/adE8Yv

Turner Prize candidates are announced – and denounced as too old http://bit.ly/dz0FRy , or too talentless http://bit.ly/9Yu9mv

Australian art royalties idea fails to win hearts and minds http://bit.ly/9Gd6EY

The Shanghai buzz and the upcoming expo http://bit.ly/ct45T9

Popular stories from the week:

The power of the pen (an ordinary biro, no less) http://bit.ly/9y5qGs

An expensive accident? Australian cleaners over-enthusiastically paint over a Banksy – http://bit.ly/atT53s

Why a recession might be good news for art – if you’re lucky http://bit.ly/c3Ryfm

Ever wanted to see every painting in MoMA in a day? Now you can, all in a 2 minute video http://bit.ly/cFp1Yr

Art news round-up

This week’s collection of interesting tidbits from the international art world. Feel free to comment on any that catch your fancy!

News stories from around the art world:

The power of street photography – and why it’s becoming more difficult http://bit.ly/cm5thl

Digging deep into the vaults; how museums are rediscovering their own treasures http://bit.ly/deXcUS

Glasgow’s quiet biennial, and its undisputed star http://bit.ly/d1CrlW

The buzz surrounding Mexico’s contemporary art fair http://bit.ly/d32rmK

Popular stories from the week:

Picasso, his depths, and three women who survived him unscathed http://bit.ly/bVsD4J

Brainstorming to protect the bibliography of art (made an endangered species by budget cuts) http://bit.ly/bBjjLA

Artists embrace technology – a new era at the New Museum http://nyti.ms/bdvLHF How do you use technology in your work?

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