Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Who owns Michelangelo’s David? City and state battle it out

A ‘toy village’ bursting with art; Governors Island is worth a visit

Propaganda posters from North Korea form an art exhibition in Vienna Museum … Controversy abounds

Eli Broad lectures museums: share art with as big an audience as possible

Who owns looted art? An enduring question

Popular stories from the week:

Marvelous Matisse at MoMA (and why art should be measured like alcohol) Anyone checked this out yet?

Why ordinary people love culture – so long as they’re appreciated

TOP’s best photography ‘How to’ books

Impressionists, gardens and horticulture… It’s not what you think

Britain’s most talked about art sensation is a painting prodigy of … 8 years old

Art news round-up

News stories from around the world:

Abstraction is the new black – in Manhattan this summer

‘Art and money are inextricably linked’ in Nigeria, where the art market is rising from nothing

Popularism but limited popularity – how the Brooklyn Museum struggles to stay on the map in a city of art giants

Graffiti causes controversy in Rome as protecting ancient buildings clashes with life in a modern city while on the other hand, San Francisco partners with street artists to defeat urban graffiti

A breath of fresh art comes to one of China’s previously less cultural cities

Popular stories from the week:

The value of photography workshops Anyone had experience of this recently?

Photographic self portraits, an art form that’s 170 years old Anyone ever tried this?

Does great art make you sick? Well, maybe

The Museum of Bad Art and its awful collection No, really. And here are 15 of the worst paintings:

Art news round-up

News stories from around the world:

The idea of the Armory Show comes to London

The doubts over the claimed ‘Ansel Adams prints’ , and the man who might have really taken them

New show at MoMA is not a knockout, but does give a new way at looking at art

Calling on UK artists and art-lovers to stand together against cuts Would this work in the US?

Reading the small print for the Eli Broad museum deal

Popular stories from the week:

Breaking up the gallery routine – the artist whose works glow and are hung in the middle of the room

Is this art, or merely annoying? The photos of a professional celebrity stalker

The designer behind Twitter’s famous Fail Whale (who doesn’t want it to be called that)

Unlawful mischief in Vermont – fibreglass cow-tipping

Enormous, ethereal soap bubbles. Enough said.

Art news round-up

News stories from around the world:

Sign of the times – U.S.-Cuba cultural relations on the rise

The U.S. promises to speed up artist visas – at last

The Vatican’s ‘developing relationship’ with modern art takes a step forward with Matisse rooms

A brave or mad bet of confidence as museum is convinced it can afford the new look and the designer who comes with it

Popular stories from the week:

The First Lady and the art she highlights

The unexpected beauty of an MRI (as long as it’s not yours, anyway!)

The Iron Curtain project that unites artists from both sides

Landmark video art taken down from YouTube Are they missing the point?

Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world:

Mexico allows artists to pay taxes with art – and builds up quite a collection in the process

The trial that’s splitting the Russian art world – and which may be more worrying than we like to think

Baltimore, home to a thriving art scene

Italian artist arrested for graffiti – when his graffiti art is being exhibited in the same city

The museum where most visitors set off a security buzzer Have you ever done this?

Popular stories from the week:

‘Growing your own clothes’, as it’s never been done before

Fun with photography – giving your snaps a vintage look

Capturing a volcano on canvas, a timeless activity

Tyler Green presents the America’s Favorite Art Museum tourney … What did he leave out?

Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world

Versailles looks back at controversial exhibitions and decides to make it an annual event

Why we should fund the arts, even when funding is scarce

Hong Kong is becoming a major player in the art world – but where are its local artists?

Questions remain for the Whitney, old and new

Aboriginal art – threatened by a new recommendation

Popular stories from the week:

Dirty and in storage for years – has Yale uncovered a hidden Velazquez?

The Indian investor who knows nothing about art, but bought the rights to a reclusive Italian artist’s work

A British art critic on why bad American art is better than bad British art (and some good work)

Carrying a camera just in case something good turns up Does anyone else have a bad habit of doing this?

Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world:

Visual arts and music thrive in a buzzing Leipzig

‘Maybe it’s too hot to buy’ – the fickle nature of an auction room

The cool kids on the block; MoMA and the Met look back in satisfaction at a year of popularity

Saatchi to give gallery to Britain as a gift but there are some problems in the proposal

The art museum that became a soap-opera set; Jeffrey Deitch takes over

Popular stories from the week:

How did they do that? The answer to the question everyone is asking about the Tate’s new installation

Top texture tips for keen photographers

Chicago’s giant eyeball shocks – but people are already getting used to it

Why the arts remain the hottest target for aspiring philanthropists

Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world:

Paris – cutting edge, but criticized by its own

The new niche that’s developing in Hong Kong

Rethinking the visitor experience – the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s director speaks

Moscow begins to take video art seriously

Popular stories from the week:

Follow in the footsteps of artists, starting with Turner, as artist trails come to the UK

Art auctions dominated by an oddly cerebral approach Surely the visual appearance of a work is vital?

A defunct Russian collective turns into an artist village

The significance of weather in painting periods How does weather play a role in your art?

Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world:

The Basel buzz – where video abounds and success visits for names both big and small

‘The muses who roared’; how Surrealism blossomed through the work of 3 amazing women whose work is now being brought to light

The Museum of African Art takes its place in the center of the NY #art world, in part thanks to one woman

What next? Damien Hirst with his own art gallery?

Sharing rather than renting wholesale – Tyler Green on why the end of blockbuster shows is good for everyone

Popular stories from the week:

An anthropologist analyzes the art world

MoMA produces it’s first iPhone app, giving you a Van Gogh that’ll fit into your pocket

The tricks of the trade London’s National Gallery uses to find fakes and discover more about masterpieces

Got time on your hands? Create your very own diamond-encrusted skull! Well, more or less…

Why modern art is ‘all in the mind’ Agree? Disagree? Discuss!

Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Australian artists unite in outrage as funds are recommended not to invest in the arts

Questions of funding become ever more important as cultural donations plunge

U.S. response to contemporary Iranian art is subdued as the market lags behind that elsewhere in the world

MoMA gears up for an exhibit that will make the most of its own collection

Popular stories from the week:

A bit of scientific detective work deduces where Monet was standing when entranced by smog

Tired of your brush and palette knife? Try light painting!

Stand out from the crowd: How to take a memorable photo of a waterfall

When Apple inspires art –

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