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Art news round-up

News stories from around the world:

Abstraction is the new black – in Manhattan this summer http://nyti.ms/cYeMVO

‘Art and money are inextricably linked’ in Nigeria, where the art market is rising from nothing http://bit.ly/da0rec

Popularism but limited popularity – how the Brooklyn Museum struggles to stay on the map in a city of art giants http://nyti.ms/cUxD3s

Graffiti causes controversy in Rome as protecting ancient buildings clashes with life in a modern city http://bit.ly/bGhIC4 while on the other hand, San Francisco partners with street artists to defeat urban graffiti http://bit.ly/9hvTJE

A breath of fresh art comes to one of China’s previously less cultural cities http://nyti.ms/b0kTxV

Popular stories from the week:

The value of photography workshops http://bit.ly/bYtcGU Anyone had experience of this recently?

Photographic self portraits, an art form that’s 170 years old http://bit.ly/aEnoj1 Anyone ever tried this?

Does great art make you sick? Well, maybe http://bit.ly/cp7efq

The Museum of Bad Art and its awful collection http://n.pr/cFDVyJ No, really. And here are 15 of the worst paintings: http://bit.ly/cZ8EYl

Art news round-up

News stories from around the world:

The idea of the Armory Show comes to London http://bit.ly/ckeElv

The doubts over the claimed ‘Ansel Adams prints’ http://bit.ly/aozJVB , and the man who might have really taken them http://bit.ly/9aXGRm

New show at MoMA is not a knockout, but does give a new way at looking at art http://nyti.ms/9QzoKP

Calling on UK artists and art-lovers to stand together against cuts http://bit.ly/953NAZ Would this work in the US?

Reading the small print for the Eli Broad museum deal http://bit.ly/9NDGCy

Popular stories from the week:

Breaking up the gallery routine – the artist whose works glow and are hung in the middle of the room http://bit.ly/aaHhdH

Is this art, or merely annoying? The photos of a professional celebrity stalker http://nyti.ms/aHCcTE

The designer behind Twitter’s famous Fail Whale (who doesn’t want it to be called that) http://bit.ly/diy10i

Unlawful mischief in Vermont – fibreglass cow-tipping http://bit.ly/d09ps9

Enormous, ethereal soap bubbles. Enough said. http://bit.ly/b94dAZ

Art news round-up

News stories from around the world:

Sign of the times – U.S.-Cuba cultural relations on the rise http://nyti.ms/9ZDzua

The U.S. promises to speed up artist visas – at last http://nyti.ms/a2XCua

The Vatican’s ‘developing relationship’ with modern art takes a step forward with Matisse rooms http://bit.ly/duN2GC

A brave or mad bet of confidence as museum is convinced it can afford the new look and the designer who comes with it http://bit.ly/9eocxQ

Popular stories from the week:

The First Lady and the art she highlights http://bit.ly/9Ebjq3

The unexpected beauty of an MRI (as long as it’s not yours, anyway!) http://bit.ly/dw7mDH

The Iron Curtain project that unites artists from both sides http://bit.ly/dkXevG

Landmark video art taken down from YouTube http://bit.ly/9p3gvo Are they missing the point?

Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world:

Mexico allows artists to pay taxes with art – and builds up quite a collection in the process http://bit.ly/a4Y2lh

The trial that’s splitting the Russian art world – and which may be more worrying than we like to think http://nyti.ms/a4EAlI

Baltimore, home to a thriving art scene http://bit.ly/a6QdYL

Italian artist arrested for graffiti – when his graffiti art is being exhibited in the same city http://nyti.ms/9Hby1H

The museum where most visitors set off a security buzzer http://nyti.ms/ds4Igp Have you ever done this?

Popular stories from the week:

‘Growing your own clothes’, as it’s never been done before http://bit.ly/9UdPF1

Fun with photography – giving your snaps a vintage look http://bit.ly/a5JGmC

Capturing a volcano on canvas, a timeless activity http://bit.ly/cHxOTV

Tyler Green presents the America’s Favorite Art Museum tourney http://bit.ly/aXBEAL … What did he leave out?

Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world

Versailles looks back at controversial exhibitions and decides to make it an annual event http://nyti.ms/bPM6Qh

Why we should fund the arts, even when funding is scarce http://bit.ly/9bq18s

Hong Kong is becoming a major player in the art world – but where are its local artists? http://nyti.ms/9MuFNt

Questions remain for the Whitney, old and new http://bit.ly/9TsM0f

Aboriginal art – threatened by a new recommendation http://bit.ly/b5aV7Q

Popular stories from the week:

Dirty and in storage for years – has Yale uncovered a hidden Velazquez? http://bit.ly/bYC1fb

The Indian investor who knows nothing about art, but bought the rights to a reclusive Italian artist’s work http://bit.ly/diGorP

A British art critic on why bad American art is better than bad British art (and some good work) http://bit.ly/aOJYUV

Carrying a camera just in case something good turns up http://bit.ly/dxCTmS Does anyone else have a bad habit of doing this?

Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world:

Visual arts and music thrive in a buzzing Leipzig http://nyti.ms/9fhIM1

‘Maybe it’s too hot to buy’ – the fickle nature of an auction room http://bit.ly/cHzFuh

The cool kids on the block; MoMA and the Met look back in satisfaction at a year of popularity http://nyti.ms/bcmYWZ

Saatchi to give gallery to Britain as a gift http://nyti.ms/bUU0l4 but there are some problems in the proposal http://bit.ly/dyrtF2

The art museum that became a soap-opera set; Jeffrey Deitch takes over http://nyti.ms/bC2X5j

Popular stories from the week:

How did they do that? The answer to the question everyone is asking about the Tate’s new installation http://bit.ly/aKPCQN

Top texture tips for keen photographers http://bit.ly/bdz38y

Chicago’s giant eyeball shocks – but people are already getting used to it http://bit.ly/9fZ9Ax

Why the arts remain the hottest target for aspiring philanthropists http://bit.ly/ar4vZA

Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world:

Paris – cutting edge, but criticized by its own http://nyti.ms/92Vv1u

The new niche that’s developing in Hong Kong http://nyti.ms/b9yFec

Rethinking the visitor experience – the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s director speaks http://bit.ly/94rcgk

Moscow begins to take video art seriously http://bit.ly/9SymHK

Popular stories from the week:

Follow in the footsteps of artists, starting with Turner, as artist trails come to the UK http://bit.ly/99Rydl

Art auctions dominated by an oddly cerebral approach http://nyti.ms/dD8il6 Surely the visual appearance of a work is vital?

A defunct Russian collective turns into an artist village http://nyti.ms/d9Bawj

The significance of weather in painting periods http://bit.ly/dou7po How does weather play a role in your art?

Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world:

The Basel buzz – where video abounds and success visits http://nyti.ms/9QUrF0 for names both big and small http://bit.ly/9dnoZA

‘The muses who roared’; how Surrealism blossomed through the work of 3 amazing women whose work is now being brought to light http://bit.ly/9XbKFs

The Museum of African Art takes its place in the center of the NY #art world, in part thanks to one woman http://nyti.ms/dhlmmF

What next? Damien Hirst with his own art gallery? http://bit.ly/aR1qP7

Sharing rather than renting wholesale – Tyler Green on why the end of blockbuster shows is good for everyone http://bit.ly/a92HNW

Popular stories from the week:

An anthropologist analyzes the art world http://bit.ly/aOdMNt

MoMA produces it’s first iPhone app, giving you a Van Gogh that’ll fit into your pocket http://bit.ly/cPvBRk

The tricks of the trade London’s National Gallery uses to find fakes and discover more about masterpieces http://bit.ly/9rwfe6

Got time on your hands? Create your very own diamond-encrusted skull! Well, more or less… http://bit.ly/aY8gf4

Why modern art is ‘all in the mind’ http://bit.ly/cfF5Os Agree? Disagree? Discuss!

Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Australian artists unite in outrage as funds are recommended not to invest in the arts http://bit.ly/aAdsHW

Questions of funding become ever more important http://bit.ly/9qsKDD as cultural donations plunge http://bit.ly/ck8ebW

U.S. response to contemporary Iranian art is subdued as the market lags behind that elsewhere in the world http://bit.ly/cdCjSH

MoMA gears up for an exhibit that will make the most of its own collection http://bit.ly/b6sMML

Popular stories from the week:

A bit of scientific detective work deduces where Monet was standing when entranced by smog http://bit.ly/bTmgSE

Tired of your brush and palette knife? Try light painting! http://bit.ly/9MmFud

Stand out from the crowd: How to take a memorable photo of a waterfall http://bit.ly/cPzeFM

When Apple inspires art – http://bit.ly/aSSukj

Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world:

The era of the Young British Artists is over – bring on the next big thing! http://bit.ly/9vuqFg

As LA MOCA’s new director takes over, a critic offers dos and don’ts http://bit.ly/9mznVZ

Trying to turn Florida fair into an international event http://bit.ly/bK3rdm

As the Paris #art scene moves back to the center, should we regret the passing of a hopeful gallery initiative? http://nyti.ms/bO2TNK

Art – increasingly shut out of schools in California http://bit.ly/cobuC7

Popular stories from the week:

Newly discovered Aboriginal painting may be one of the earliest in the world http://bit.ly/9KkmPM

Saturn’s icy moon returns photos of beauty http://bit.ly/aU6pZE

A kick start for art – a new project that seeks to support emerging artists and their projects http://bit.ly/cTqPnL

Visit the Met – and climb all over its newest exhibit! http://nyti.ms/9VsVcw

The unusual art parties of New York http://nyti.ms/bUQEOX I have to ask – has anyone been to one like this?

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