Art news round-up

News stories from around the world:

A snapshot of British art as it is now

As times change, will traditional tastes take over from contemporary art?

LA is turning into a hot place for art – though the focus in firmly on the contemporary

There’s a new art haven called SoHo – and it’s in Hong Kong (SoHo=South of Hollywood)

Canadian artists want rights when it comes to resale – just like Europe

Popular stories from the week:

A sideshow featuring a little-known artist triumphs in London’s National Gallery

An enormous, illegal exhibition space, right under NYC – only almost no one can see it

Amazing arctic images, chosen by Wired editors and by readers

Creative doodling, with no mess – all online. For those times when you can’t find pen or paper!

Art news round-up

News stories from around the world:

A U.S. gallery opens in France – Larry Gagosian takes on Paris

Sign of the times? Arts funding to be cut by 30% in UK

U.S. cultural diplomacy now officially includes visual artists

The scandal of the Brillo boxes – the 100 ‘originals’ which turned out to be copies

Popular stories from the week:

Why temporary is good when it comes to public art

Does art keep us healthy? A study looking into just that runs into trouble over finding placebos for a true test

Competition winner heads off to spend a month in a museum

Descendant of French kings goes to court to throw modern art out of Versailles

Art news round-up

News stories from around the world:

London’s Frieze fair is seeing solid sales

In Russia the state spends on hunting down graffiti artists and covering up their work – but some find acceptance

Fisk University tries to insist that it can sell art (again)

Christie’s famous gallery leaves Berlin, saying it just doesn’t have a collecting community (unlike Chelsea)

Popular stories from the week:

The LA art walks – great idea or waste of time?

Everyone knows that the pre-Raphaelites loved Italy… but it turns out few ever went there Does being on site matter?

Does what we’ll be remembered for in 100 years matter to what we do now?

An unusual photography series – food you can buy for a dollar

Art news round-up

News stories from around the world:

Making a living at being an artist – the dream of Chinese artists in Songzhuang

Should street art belong on the street? The changing times of an underground movement

Interwar art and politics – the classical fervor that once took over art comes to the Guggenheim

The market for performance art; buying and selling in the fundamentally transient

The unfinished Michelangelo Did you know there are only three surviving panel paintings by this Renaissance master?

Popular stories from the week:

A Munch painting is recovered – although no one had noticed the theft!

Exhibiting among the clouds…

Diaghilev: the ballet producer who changed the course of art as we know it

Art and authenticity – The Brillo boxes that were made three years after Warhol’s death

Why we should all take visual thinking more seriously

Art news round-up

News stories from around the world:

MoMA’s new exhibition, NY’s abstract expressionists, and what’s wrong with the show

Funding British arts? It’s complicated. An into for non-UK artists

Zooming in on Botticelli – it’s Italian Masters, it’s all online and it’s free until January

Expansion at the Guggenheim – using themed labs

Popular stories from the week:

Assistance at the museum – guided by phone apps Has anyone done this?

Damien Hirst on why ‘art is childish’ and why good taste is overrated (there’s a connection)

I had to share this – creating with cake, the Mad Artists Tea Party (no political connection) Anyone done this?

Why do we like the colors we do? Actually, there is a reason Can anyone relate?

Art news round-up

News stories from around the world:

An Italian city where preservation of art is in private hands A model for our times or a disaster waiting to happen?

The Guggenheim-YouTube collaboration has a short list

Don’t own; gather. The future of collecting art?

Understanding more about Georgia O’Keeffe, one layer at a time

Looking at the Mona Lisa – up to 30 layers, each half the thickness of a human hair

Popular stories from the week:

‘Bad for art’ – one of the Work of Art judges speaks out

US photographer who was denied work visa in the UK presents the results – snaps taken by his 7 year old daughter

Beautiful beginnings – the micro-photography images that took the prizes this year

Do we unconsciously seek out deep structure? This article is about writing, but maybe the same is true of visual art?

Art news round-up

News stories from around the world:

The changing state of art in India, and what online auction means there

UK campaign to prevent arts cuts kicks off , while one critic says funding needs big changes

Chicago worries as its pro-art mayor leaves office

Educating the world – a new project to inform about Australian Aboriginal art

Popular stories from the week:

Did you think the Impressionists were French? Think again. Some of them were German

Self-contained, charming publishing Have any of you photographers tried this?

Nature’s beautiful fractals

Turns out taste is more predictable than we thought

Art news round-up

News stories from around the world:

French cultural traditionalists want to block Japanese artist from showing work in Versailles

Architecture as art, at the Venice Biennale

World’s richest man to open an art museum in Mexico

Why Fisk University feels it has no choice but to sell the Collection

Museums to share UK funding pain while youth worries its being pushed out of art by cuts

Popular stories from the week:

The war artist – Leonardo da Vinci as you haven’t seen him before

Not exactly Kermit the Frog – Japanese pop artist produces balloons for Thanksgiving Day parade

Nostril-powered digital painting sound appealing? There’s that and more at Ars Electronica

Another awesome time lapse video – this time, it’s earth, from space

Not really visual art – but it’s just such a fun idea that I had to include it: Composer devises new symphony – using London Bridge

Art news round-up

As school starts and September begins, we’re still bringing you the best selections from international art stories. Remember that you can get updates every day by following us on Twitter!

News stories from around the world:

Sophisticated crime, vulnerable art – why France should be taking burglars seriously

Contemporary sculpture in an English cathedral

Getting respect for graffiti; the group that wants to legitimize it

A sneak peak into conservation; comparing two very similar Gauguins

Why 78 amateurs are dancing around one of London’s best-known art galleries

Popular stories from the week:

The debate continues unabated – are UK funding cuts an opportunity or a disaster for the arts? A debate that seems to have touched a nerve in other countries too!

Getting real: ‘most classical art was product placement’. Food for thought?

Volunteers pile up for living inside the Chicago Museum

This one is for the photographers out there: does shooting to a theme help?

And finally, some great photos from the NYC 1980s subway

Art news round-up

News stories from around the world:

Cave paintings of ‘exceptional’ artistic quality are uncovered in the desert

How did the thieves gain access to the stolen Van Gogh? Simple. The alarms were broken

The Eli Broad Museum has a location – it’s downtown L.A., and that’s official

Wrangling over Warhol; the scandal so far

A new generation of museum directors steer their charges in new directions

Popular stories from the week:

So bad it’s good? The late work of Salvador Dali

The magical beauty of marine algae (from space)

Art, apps and the potential of the digital

A filmmaker lost an eye. He put a camera in its place

See the sun setting in Queens – time lapsed for your convenience

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