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Agora Donates to the NYC Materials for the Arts

As an arts organization, Agora Gallery is always concerned about the state of arts education around the world. We want to do our part to make sure that schools and the students who attend them have the materials they need to learn and create and produce the next generation of artists. That’s why we donate to NYC’s Materials for the Arts.

MFTA occupies 35,000 square feet on the third floor on the third floor of a warehouse in Long Island City.

MFTA occupies 35,000 square feet on the third floor on the third floor of a warehouse in Long Island City.

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Agora Gallery’s December 3rd Opening Reception

Two floors of gallery space, two stunning shows of contemporary art. This Thursday, December 3rd, Agora Gallery held our final opening reception of the year, welcoming in the exhibitions Manifestation of Milieu and Persistence of Form. It’s been an amazing year with so many unforgettable exhibitions in which we’ve been introduced to some extraordinary new artists, and saw the welcome return of old friends.

Artist L.A. Cline at the December 3rd reception at Agora Gallery

Artist L.A. Cline at the December 3rd reception at Agora Gallery

But, opening receptions aren’t about looking back at what has already happened, but rather about looking forward at what’s to come. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the exciting artists who will be looking forward to a provocative and engaging December exhibition!

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Fashionista Night at Agora Gallery!

Holiday season is just starting out, and we are feeling so festive! With Thanksgiving approaching and Christmas a handful of weeks away, we are getting ready to celebrate. Come join us at our upcoming reception on December 3rd, 2015, put on your best outfit, and express your inner fashionista!

fashionista night header

Take a cue from some of Agora Gallery’s guests and artists, who never fail to impress.
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Agora Gallery’s November 5th Opening Reception

The three exhibitions on view at Agora Gallery had only been open for two days when we celebrated their reception on Thursday, November 5th, 2015. Thirty-four artists were in attendance, and our guests were more than happy to meet and greet with them all, discussing the creative process and learning the exciting stories behind the works on display. 


In Modalities of Expression, fifteen artists explore form, figure, and place in a range of techniques and media. The Influence of Color shows how every detail, from the shades of blues to the placement of lines, can completely transform any scene. And, in our biannual exhibition Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography, digital and analog photographers present the world in candid portraits, sweeping natural scenes, and even more abstract compositions.

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Agora Gallery’s October 15th Opening Reception

October 15th was a night to remember at Agora Gallery, with our two floors filled to the brim with art lovers, artists, and collectors all here to celebrate the exhibitions Beyond Borders: an Exhibition of Fine Art from Canada, Divergent Realities, and The Verve of Abstraction. There were two introductory segments (one for each floor) in which artists spoke of their backgrounds, inspirations, and processes. Though their stories all ranged, it was clear to see in every artist their excitement, passion, and dedication to the arts. As always, it is fascinating to hear artists’ unique perspectives, and having 28 of them present in one night provided endless fodder for intriguing conversation.

Agora Gallery October 15th Opening Reception Gallery II

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Agora Gallery’s August 27th Opening Reception

Chelsea was abuzz with opening receptions on August 27th, and the three exhibitions, Fragmented Reality, Emerging Transformation, and the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition, represented Agora Gallery with a truly astonishing collection of talented artists from across the globe.

8.27 opening reception 1


Featuring photographers, painters, and mixed media specialists, the shows Fragmented Reality and Emerging Transformation fill our second-floor gallery space wall-to-wall with exemplary contemporary art. The subjects of these shows may vary, but they remain consistent in their ability to move viewers to new, unexpected emotional heights.

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Agora Gallery’s August 6th Opening Reception

Thursday, August 6th was a beautiful summer day in Chelsea, New York City. The heat wave of the past few weeks had finally broken, and with the slightly cooler air came an influx of guests to Agora Gallery for the opening reception of two exhibitions, Idiosyncratic Expressions and Interpretative Realms.

Agora Gallery Reception, August 7

Artwork by Melissa Arostegui

Although these artists seem to have little in common to the naked eye – being from a variety of different countries, of different ages, and working in varied styles and mediums – there was a shared feeling of pure euphoria among the entire Agora Gallery family. And “the A-team,” (or “the magical part of Agora Gallery”) as Gallery Director Angela Di Bello fondly refers to the gallery staff, could not have been prouder to stand by Angela as she spoke with the artists regarding this incredible next step in their artistic journey. Read more

Catching Up With Karen Greville-Smith

Gallery Director, Angela Di Bello (left), and artist Karen Greville-Smith (right) at Agora Gallery 6/24/2015

Gallery Director, Angela Di Bello (left), and artist Karen Greville-Smith (right) at Agora Gallery 6/24/2015

Today at Agora Gallery, we were all pleasantly surprised by a visit from Karen Greville-Smith, who had exhibited with us in October 2014. Unfortunately, Karen hadn’t been able to visit the gallery during her exhibition, so this was a wonderful opportunity for us all to both meet for the first time and to catch up!

Freedom, 2014 Oil on Board

Freedom – Oil on Board 19.5″ x 18.5″ by Karen Greville-Smith
This piece and others are available for sale on Karen’s ARTmine page.

Karen was in New York City celebrating her thirtieth anniversary with her husband. In addition to a special trip to Tiffany’s, the two of them had been taking in a number of the sights when they popped into Agora Gallery, having just spent some of their afternoon on the High Line. She was on a specific mission to take in plenty of artwork to get inspiration – not only for herself, but for the children and teens she works with.

Along with her work as a talented artist, Karen Greville-Smith uses her artistic skills to give back to the community. When she arrives back home to the UK, she will be taking on her tenth year as the Artist in Residence at a mental health facility. In this role, she works closely with young people from 12-18 years of age, providing them with short workshops in which they can express themselves artistically, learn to work together, and nurture their ideas and talent.

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Update! Summer Art Film Screenings at Agora Gallery

This past year, Agora Gallery has been expanding to new levels, both physically and conceptually. We expanded to our first floor space, now showing extraordinary art on both the first and second floor galleries of 530 West 25th Street; we have expanded the work we show to include kinetic art and interactive sculptures; we’ve expanded our social media presence, building a base of over 48K followers, and adding profiles on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Periscope.

And next up? Agora Gallery takes a step into the world of film.


That’s right – this summer, Agora Gallery will be hosting a series of free art screenings, including documentaries, art films, and movies about art and the art world.

We’re kicking it off this June 3rd with Exit Through the Gift Shop. The screening will be open and free to the first fifty guests in attendance. (See below for details)

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