Agora Gallery is proud to represent Jennifer Gough, who creates works that exist in the playground between order and chaos, making a compelling case for self-evolution. The way Jennifer came to art reflects this idea, and her story is an inspiration to anyone who would love to spend more time on their art – and just needs a bit more self-belief!

Could you tell us how you initially decided to move into art and what influenced your decision?

When I decided to become an artist, it was almost like a switch flipped in my brain. I was happily living my life, (for the most part) and then one day I just wasn’t. It was like all of a sudden a light went on and I started to question where I was headed and what I really wanted to do. I began to think more about being fulfilled as a person and less about fulfilling other’s views of who/what I should be. I asked myself “If you could be or do ANYTHING, what would it be?” The answer was immediate and unarguably clear: Be an artist. Just like that, be an artist. And so I did.

Would you say that you try to share your story in the hope of inspiring others to do likewise?

Absolutely. I find so many people have big dreams of being or doing something amazing, and while some are making it happen, many are not and feel they aren’t able or their dream is unattainable. I’ve had many conversations with people asking “how” I managed to create a life and successful career out of being an artist, and I hope that sharing my story helps open people up to the possibilities in their own lives and careers.

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Do you think the way that you entered art, and the reasons you became an artist, have had an impact on the work you create?

Without a doubt, art has opened up my life to the realization that anything is possible. My work reflects that and helps shape the person I am and the person I will become. Art is my way of navigating that process. Art allows me to explore and grow as an individual and my work is always changing and evolving through those experiences.

Jennifer Gough, Distraction

Jennifer Gough, Distraction

Personal growth and the pursuit of happiness are key factors in understanding your art. Is this something that you pursue through art, or a part of the rest of your life that you reflect on artistically? Would you consider this a message for your viewers?

When I think about my work and my life now, it’s almost impossible to separate the two. Each day that I approach the easel I am thankful for the blessing of being able to create for a living. This is definitely evident in the work I produce. I try to channel that feeling of joy and freedom into my work and by doing so it becomes a representation of my life’s direction and the message I hope people take away from what I create.

You host a weekly arts and culture radio show. Would you say that this experience, or the show’s emphasis on local art and artists, have influenced your work?

I don’t know that doing the radio show has really influenced my work per se, but I do know that interviewing artists and hearing about their personal struggles and successes continues to inspire me to keep reaching for my own goals and aspirations. In fact, that’s the whole idea behind the New Art Radio show. There’s no manual on how to go about becoming an artist, but by sharing the stories and experiences of people who have created their lives around their passion for art, music, dance, writing, etc., we can all learn and feel more connected to our own purpose and possibilities within.

Jennifer Gough, One

Jennifer Gough, One

What would your message be for someone who was considering devoting more time to their art?

Do it! There’s no time like the present to add inspiration and enjoyment to your life. Do a little or do a lot, it’s up to you, but if you’re driven to create, allow yourself that freedom, that pleasure. Without the arts the world would be a pretty dull place. Someone has to create incredible symphonies, paint the Sistine Chapel, write epic novels and perform The Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House. Why shouldn’t it be you?!

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You can see more of Jennifer Gough’s work on her ARTmine page or in person at Agora Gallery in Beyond Borders, October 10-30.