Reception Review- July 12th, 2012

Proving that Italians love an opportunity to break bread together, when Italian artist Michelle Hold learned that there were two other Italian artists participating in the same exhibition, she seized the opportunity to contact them for a pre-exhibition get together. Artists Max Giannotta and Alessandro Patrone joined Hold in Italy to discuss all things Art, Agora and the upcoming trip to New York City. All three artists arrived together for the July 12th, 2012 reception at Agora Gallery and from the looks of it, they will be lifelong friends.

Italian Artist Michelle Hold

Visitor Michael Filtzpatrick of Washington, D.C. was immediately captured by Arnold Gonzalez‘s Still Life, happily stating he was drawn to the piece from across the room. “It is so emotional and visceral, the colors just glow.”

Dr. Gonzalez is well known for both his abstract artwork and his lifelike, super realism ‘Mujeres’ series. Most recently he was commissioned from Texas A&M Kingsville to develop a mural of women that will be finished by the end of this year. “My paintings represent a blend of personal feelings and memories connected to my family and culture. These emotions and cultural images  inspire me to use materials and techniques that will evoke serenity and capture simplicity. At other times, I’m moved to create work that is vibrant with expression and energy.”

Serving as an inspiration to all artists, Chinese- American artist Gabe Tong brings a new value for the gift of sight. Born with several eye defects, Tong should not have been able to see when he was born. As his eyesight deteriorates with age, Tong has accelerated his paintings, losing himself in the freedom of taking a blank canvas and developing his signature style. “This route of abstract painting provides specific guidelines and discipline so that one can enjoy the freedom of expression without the limitation of any boundaries.” Please find an insightful interview with Mr. Tong with his local Patch here.

Guest Andy Polan found Tong’s freedom of 3D Cubism refreshing, “The texture in the patterns, each one shows a contrast that is similar, but different. The flow between the foreground and background draws you in.”

What a wonderful evening for all who attended – check out the reception photos to get a sense of the special atmosphere. Make sure to keep updated on all upcoming receptions by joining our mailing list .

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