Exhibition: The Odyssey Within; Sensorial Realms; Pathway to Abstraction

This winter, Agora Gallery has something to spice up the cold days and put some fire into your heart – passionate, powerful art from talented contemporary artists around the world. The exhibitions open on December 17, 2013 and run until January 9, 2014, with an opening reception on the evening of Thursday, December 19. If you’re looking for inspiration during the holiday season, or hoping to find the perfect gift for a loved one, you won’t want to miss these gorgeous shows.

Marco Klee Fallani, Man And Dog

The Odyssey Within focuses on the work of contemporary Greek and Italian artists. Although many of the works are infused with the gravitas of the ages and the intriguing magic of myth, impacted by the ancient history and cultural richness that nourished and sometimes motivated their creators, these pieces also contain the distinct flavor and energy of our own period, which gives them a dynamism that makes them impossible to ignore. In addition, each one speaks to a different aspect of the modern experience, making every image instantly easy to relate to and incorporate into our understanding of the world.

In Sensorial Realms, emotional engagement pairs up with acute observation and intelligent analysis to form compelling, thought-provoking art. Finely judged to appeal to our feelings yet also to ensure that we are not overwhelmed by the impressions, these works are able to speak on a number of levels at once, imparting a message while touching our hearts. Pulsing with the fever of impulse, mitigated by the guidance of carefully honed skill, these pieces offer us the chance to reevaluate our assumptions and look again at what we see.

Fred Di Vito, Just Around the Pass

The works in Pathway to Abstraction speak a language that is accessible to all viewers, yet infuse their meaning and message, which reaches out to the audience, with a certain mystery that implies that there is more to be uncovered than immediately meets the eye. Daring without being alarming and possessed of a charm that is based in the combination of talent and vision, these creations will linger in the mind’s eye long after they have passed from the viewer’s physical vision.

In addition, from December 19 – January 9, 2014 the exhibition Visual China New York City 2013 will be taking place in Gallery II. Agora Gallery is delighted to host these talented artists in a show that demonstrates the enormous power and impact of contemporary Chinese art and brings both a sense of tradition and a feeling of freshness to New York.

Exhibition dates: December 17, 2013 – January 9, 2014
Reception: Thursday, December 19, 2013 6-8 p.m.
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, New York City
Gallery Hours: Tues – Sat, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Heebeom Park, Untitled 2-03

Featured artists:

The Odyssey Within: Sergio Boldrin, Matilde Calamai, Silvio Cortellini, Roberto Del Fabbro, Marco Klee Fallani, Giulio Cesare Matusali, Ludmilla Radchenko, Luigi Serra de Teramo
Sensorial Realms: Susan E. Ash, Laurent Bardou, Jane Coco Cowles, Fred Di Vito, Manuel Franch, Alan Mantle, alain patrini, Kate Piekutowski, Miguel Pineiro, Dorothy Slikker, Tony Tichene, Solveig Edda Vilhjálmsdóttir, Marcus Viljoen, Ursel Wilhelm
Pathway to Abstraction: Dan Bunea, Yves Chamly, Antonia Covarrubias, Leander Fontaine, Ángela García, Kristina Garon, Darci Gerhard, Erasmo Jorge Gomez, Yaraslav Klimkouski, Leo Komuro, Masoome Moradkhani (“Masi”), Aurélie, Lili, Shireen Mussa, Heebeom Park, Julian Van Dyke, Juan Vicente Vega, Oscar Zamora

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