“Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.” – Salvador Dali

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For the daydreamers among us, the oddballs and “quirky” types: we may not settle for your typical portrait or landscape. No, it’s melting clocks and tangled limbs for us. These surreal artworks, all new to ARTmine, will transport you to a world of the unfamiliar where dreams become reality and reality becomes something altogether new.

Lars Korse, Prophet and Flowers

Gouache & Ink on Paper   23.5″ x 19″   $2500

Lars Korse


Having struggled with poverty and mental illness, Swedish artist Lars Korse paints with great spirituality and energy. “I have given a name to my style of art,” says the artist, “Teorealism, which means God Reality. This art is showing both the visible and the invisible, thus the whole reality.”

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Larry Greenberg, Opus 416

Oil on Canvas   36″ x 30″   $3000

Larry Greenberg Opus 416

Larry Greenberg


Larry Greenberg uses classical music to help him focus on “listening” to his paintings as he creates. With his surrealistic anatomies and abstract backgrounds, Greenberg creates an intense, emotional atmosphere of anxiety, energy, and perception.

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JR Rapier, Firedance

Acrylic on Canvas   36″ x 48″   $5900

JR Rapier Fire Dance

JR Rapier


JR Rapier draws inspiration from shamanic spirituality and also from the outdoor culture and landscapes in her native Texas, where she still works today. With surrealist qualities, Rapier connects the realms of spirituality and nature in tantalizing paintings.


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Gerd Rautert, Somewhere Else

Acrylic & Ink on Canvas   12″ x 16″   $4500

Gerd Rautert Somewhere Else

Gerd Rautert


“Art is my mirror,” says German painter Gerd Rautert. His works are symbolic, iconographic, and spontaneous. He uses several elements, like text and figure, to create his final compositions which truly transport the viewer to another realm of understanding.

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Cheryl Pettigrew, Making Angels

Oil on Canvas   48″ x 36″   $2000

Cheryl Pettigrew Making Angels

Cheryl Pettigrew


This piece by Cheryl Pettigrew is a deviation from her typical work of landscapes and seascapes. All of her work is very spiritual and emotive, but “Making Angels” brings that extra layer of surrealism for great impact.

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Cathy Carter, Submerged

Photograph on Fine Art Paper   26.5″ x 47″   $2200

Cathy Cater - Submerged


Cathy Carter examines water in its many forms with her photography. Her works are both sensuous and vulnerable, examining humanity’s relationship to water. With a manipulation of perception, she abstracts her subjects to a degree, making her work more than just a representation but rather an exploration.

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Sofya Tsvetikova, Where the Night Comes From

Acrylic on Canvas   36″ x 48″   $5800

Sofya Tsvetikova Where Night Comes From

Sofya Tsvetikova


Sofya Tsvetikova explores a broad spectrum of concepts in her colorful, energetic, and fascinating artworks. She connects time and space, cultures and people, with figures ranging from the very abstract to the highly symbolic.

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Joe Dugan, Painting 3

Acrylic & Oil Pastel on Canvas   48″ x 60″   $9900

Joe Dugan Painting 3

Joe Dugan


Joe Dugan’s paintings represent what he calls “my abstract hyper reality.” Dugan’s work often incorporates concepts like music, money, and cultural infrastructure in large, highly-energetic compositions. With so much going on, his works are fascinating to decipher.

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Zhenia Burnat, Desires

Oil on Canvas   30.5″ x 21.5″   $2500

Zhenia Burnat Desires“The characters that I have created come from my dreams and thoughts of the universe,” says painter Zhenia Burnat. An Israeli painter, Burnat uses his artwork to explore the laws of nature and the infinite nature of the universe and time.

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Nancy McLean, 59 Houses

Oil on Canvas   36″ x 48″   $3200

Nancy McLean 59 Houses

Nancy McLean


Nancy McLean brings to her artwork the influences of art history on several nations, including China, England, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Canada. In her works, she creates an imaginary world, warm and welcoming, but always with a hidden, deeper meaning.

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Matthew J. Peake, Overlook #11 Coming Out

Pastel on Board   19″ x 29″   $2600

Matthew Peake Overlook 11 Coming Out

From a bird’s eye view, Matthew J. Peake illustrates a new perspective on familiar activities. His works blur the line between individuality and group, using repetition and form to transport what may be a completely “real” scene into the world of the surreal. His works are excitingly realistic, with an extra ‘dreamy’ element added through the use of pastels.

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Joan Shimabukuro, Transgeneric

Giclee Print on Paper   10″ x 8″   $840

Joan Shimabukuro Transgeneric

Joan Shimabukuro



The artist Joan Shimabukuro draws from her life experiences to create both the highly abstract and the highly symbolic. With great care for lines and geometric shapes, Shimabukuro creates enchanting worlds laden with meaning and beauty.

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