Exhibition: The French Perspective; Pathway to Abstraction; Sensorial Perspectives

Three sparkling new exhibitions are coming to Agora Gallery this July. Celebrate the summer weather with art that will make you feel as though a fresh breeze is blowing through both the room and your mind, lightening and invigorating everything it touches. The exhibitions open on July 7, 2012 and will run until July 27, 2012. The opening reception will take place on the evening of Thursday July 12, 2012 and as always entrance is free and art enthusiasts are enthusiastically encouraged to come.

In The French Perspective: Contemporary Art from France you can enjoy the wonderful works of talented French artists who pour their energies into communicating ideas through art. Melding sophisticated concepts and forms with an open and appealing attitude that welcomes the engagement of the viewers, these pieces are perfectly judged to keep the audience continually intrigued, almost off-balance, yet always excited and interested.

Pathway to Abstraction brings you the verve and vibrancy that comes with a passionate desire to create. These skillfully crafted creations will sweep you along to a rhythm all their own, showing you how persuasive and attractive a new perspective can be and reminding you of your own potential as they display the full, breathtaking possibility of theirs.

The artists of Sensorial Perspectives demonstrate a sense of vision that energizes and animates their works. This is a collection of art that will call to your sense of adventure and wonder, sparking your imagination and providing inspiration that will last far longer than the exhibition itself. Delightful, detailed and designed to draw you in effortlessly, these images will find a place in your heart.

Exhibition dates: July 7, 2012 – July 27, 2012
Reception: Thursday, July 12, 2012 6-8 p.m.
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, New York City
Gallery Hours: Tues – Sat, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Featured artists:
The French Perspective: Contemporary Art from France: Nathalie Armand, Doussineau Claude, Julien Eustache, Cécile Guicheteau, Ainhoa Menchaca, Taitmès Soinoff, Danielle Stange
Pathway to Abstraction: Arnold Gonzales, Michelle Hold, Jung-Min Lee, Bruno Antonio Malatesta, Koki Morimoto, Vibha Nanda, Alessandro Patrone, David Saborido, Fabio Sanzogni, Kevin Stevens, Gabe Tong, Mario Tonino
Sensorial Perspectives: Thomas Ab-e, Liesel Beukes, Maria Fatjó Parés, Max Giannotta, Vadim Keshersky, Vali Kolotourou, Katherine Li, Lou Lihou, Marzena Oberc-Habzda, April Rimpo, Antenor Romanini, Boris Selan, Andrea Sole Costa, Maurizio Zanotto


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