Exhibition: Masters of the Imagination; In Reverie of Form; Elements of Abstraction

Celebrate the fall colors of this time of year with the great new exhibitions at Agora Gallery. Full of energy, emotion and an emphasis on the zest of life, these shows will help you make the most of the changing season. The exhibits open on September 15, 2012 and run until October 5, 2012. The opening reception is on September 20, 2012, and anyone who would like to meet some of the inspiring artists behind the mesmerizing pieces on display is warmly welcomed to attend.

In Masters of the Imagination: The Latin American Fine Art Exhibition you can marvel at the intense vivacity of works by artists who are unafraid to examine and expose the secrets of their inner lives, and the fruits of their close observations of their outer ones, through their art. Pulsing with a realistic yet optimistic vision of the world, these pieces introduce their audience to a place where anything is possible and determination and passion have almost tangible force.

In Reverie of Form focuses on the work of artists who allow their natural inclinations towards color, line and concept to blossom into full bloom through a flexible artistic process and a delightful attention to detail. The result is art at its most appealing and evocative, as the shapes seem to speak to the viewer, reaching out to become part of our lives and understanding.

The work displayed in Elements of Abstraction demonstrates the ability of art to change the way we think and feel, and the impact it can have not just on our fleeting impressions but on our overall outlook and perspective. Touching on aspects of the human experience to which we can all relate, these pieces nonetheless represent an unusually frank personal appraisal of the continual conundrum of existence.

Don’t forget that you can visit the solo exhibition of talented artist Sudnya Shroff at the same time, also at Agora Gallery.

Exhibition dates: September 15, 2012 – October 5, 2012
Reception: Thursday, September 20, 2012 6-8 p.m.
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, New York City
Gallery Hours: Tues – Sat, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Featured artists:
Masters of the Imagination: The Latin American Fine Art Exhibition: María Eugenia Akel, Yolanda Eljaiek, Adriana Escobar, Bruno Falcão, Maria Gomez Ponti, Octavio Guinart, Mariza Sanchez, Carmen Sotuela, Enzo Trapani
In Reverie of Form: Otto Boron, Donatella Colasanti, Pia Descamps, Iva Milanova, Nicolò Orsi Battaglini, Donna Serio, Sylvie Vermandel
Elements of Abstraction: Wendy Cohen, Gail Edmonds, Andy Fullalove, Susannah Virginia Griffin, Katrina Howarth, Heidi Kirschner, Lee Savage, Cordell Taylor


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