Collective Exhibition

Take part in exploring and interpreting the messages so brilliantly expressed through the power of color; discover unbridled visionary painting; be confronted with poetic visual puzzles and graceful statements about the human subconscious; be touched long after viewing these stunning paintings.

Maciej Hoffman - Conversation (small)

Beginning July 21, Agora Gallery will host a collective exhibition of contemporary art consisting of four parts.

Literally reaching out into the abyss, Labyrinth of Color features artists as they approach the deepest regions of our real and imagined space. Radiant colors shine forth, as each artist travels into the unknown, bringing back surreal visions of our universe to share with their audiences.

Nina Valetova - Chaos (small)

Metamorphosis is a captivating journey into the hearts and minds of a talented grouping of artists with unique backgrounds and experiences. The works explores the possibilities beyond our ordinary perceptions, keying into personal insights, metaphysical concepts, and timeless mysteries beyond each corner. It presents viewers with a new way of perceiving the world that will electrify fans of contemporary art.

The Portal to Enigma collects three contemporary artists whose visionary works defy easy definition as they craft personal revelations with a powerful, expressive force.

Tsisana Kavtaradze-Eyerman - Merry-Go-Round (small)

The versatility displayed in the works of The Persistence of Form underscores the idea that as long as people dream and imagine, art will never cease to exist, inspire, and bring about contemplation in others. These talented artists bring their thoughts and feelings to reality in a stunning variety of styles and forms that will touch audiences long after the viewing of the paintings.

The Collective Exhibition will take place at Agora Gallery, July 21st – August 11th.

Guy Nelvand - Ronda (small)

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