ARTmineSKP: Bring Life to Virtual Models – Add Art to the Walls

Agora Gallery is excited to announce ARTmineSKP, a new product which we hope will be useful to interior designers, architects and art consultants who would like to add that extra something by placing art on their virtual walls. So if you’re designing your dream home with professional help, tell your designer about ARTmineSKP today! And if you’re an architect, interior designer or art consultant, consider giving it a try.

SketchUp is a simple way of building a virtual model of a room, floor or building. Many architects and interior designers use it to model their designs and test out different ideas. It’s also a great way to show a finished proposal to clients, because it makes it so easy to imagine in reality. You can see yourself sitting on that chair, relaxing on that couch, or chopping vegetables in that kitchen.

The model is by nature hugely customizable. Furniture, wall colors, even shapes of walls can all be shaped just the way you want. Yet many models often seem to be lacking that extra touch that would make it really feel like the room in your mind. This is because art is often left out of the equation. Even when some sort of print is inserted, it is frequently a generic image that few people would really want to see on their own walls. All this can leave a tiny part of the imagination unsatisfied, looking for that last finishing touch.

This is where ARTmineSKP comes in. It’s a plug-in that is extremely easy to download and make a part of the SketchUp experience. It gives access, from within SketchUp, to the 5,000 or so pieces of original art by exciting contemporary artists which are displayed on Agora Gallery’s online gallery, ARTmine. The variety of styles, mediums and techniques that make ARTmine – and Agora – such a treasure trove of wonderful art means that there’s bound to be something there to suit every taste – and every room.

Once you’ve chosen a piece of artwork, it’s very simple to put it into your virtual room and move it around to decide just where it looks best. You can watch the video aboveto see how easy it all is.

The result is a room that is infused with that added spark, the feeling that makes it feel real. And, if you or your client have fallen in love with the work and would like to purchase it for the real thing, buying it online from ARTmine is simple as well.

So, if you’re in the process of designing your dream room, tell your designer to give ARTmineSKP a try! You might be surprised at what a difference original fine art can make to your virtual walls and rooms.

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