Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Utah suddenly has control of famous Spiral Jetty – but it’s not quite clear how it happened, or what will happen next

Can a website become a price database of the private art market? Time will tell

From domestic to international – when do collectors begin to take an interest in the wider world?

Unrest in Syria means no exhibit in London but English/Russian cultural relationship warms up

The High Line opens its second section Has anyone visited it yet? Let us know!

Popular stories from the week:

What are art history doctoral candidates interested in? The 20th century

With radical aims and considerable achievement, how is it that no one has heard of the Vorticists?

‘Speaking like Shakespeare’ – why art museums should rethink the way they present non-contemporary art

Part charity, part conceptual art – artists buy up the stock of a local corner store

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