Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Helping prevent art fair fatigue? Art Basel now owns 60% of Hong Kong fair

Underground art in Dubai gains in prominence as the old norms leave people untouched

Surprising answer to the question of whether museums going free hurts their membership

Can Ai Weiwei’s art really lead to social change?

The latest recommendation for Washington – build a Latino museum near the Capitol

Popular stories from the week:

Vote for your favorite Google Doodle – created by some impressively talented kids

Digital works and the danger of degrading – how some contemporary landmarks could be lost forever

Going after what you love – why auction prices aren’t important

Complex, fun and delicate – the art that is made out of swings

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  • Thank you for sharing the news link of panel recommendation for building a Latino Museum near capitol.It will be a great scope to preserve the vast contribution of Latino community in the advancement of America.Arts news round up is a nice system to get update.

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