Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Ai Weiwei said to have confessed to crimes while the West wonders who’s really on trial

Federal cultural-grants agencies take a serious hit in budget deal

Colorado and its unexpected arts building boom

As funding cuts loom, UK begins to worry – what does this mean for Britain’s next generation of artists?

Thinking about censorship again – A San Rafael artist is annoyed after being asked to remove her painting when a county employee complained while Banksy funds Russia’s leading ‘art terrorists’

Popular stories from the week:

Roy Lichtenstein is the most overrated artist of the 20th century, says the Village Voice Who’s got your vote?

Exploring how photography shapes our culture and lives – click! Fun for a rainy day!

‘Art in the Streets’ folds graffiti into art history but has unexpected consequences for the area

Running low on creative energy? Consider these 12 steps

Love this idea – museum staff fill in for security officers so the latter can enjoy their luncheon

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