Art news round-up

News stories from around the art world:

The Australian love affair with public art – proud and popular (though still at risk from vandalism)

Has the Turner Prize lost its touch, or is it still valuable in today’s art world?

As art auctions return to boom-time mode, attention shifts to the money rather than the work and not everyone is happy

Street art takes on new streets in San Francisco Is this a sign of increased acceptance?

The Pompidou Metz wows with its opening show and impresses with its architecture- see slide show

Popular stories from the week:

A tattered portrait which never impressed its owners might turn out to be a da Vinci self portrait while a not-so-fake-after-all Raphael is set to rake in the cash

So what is sound art, anyway? All thoughts appreciated!

The melons of LACMA and “a triumph of human-plant collaboration.” Seriously.

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