Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

The Armory Show… is on Artsy.

Why there are video games at MoMA – it’s all about design.

Cultural history versus modern museum practices – means a problem for the Tacoma Art Museum.

Canada’s most illustrious art school is in trouble – and it’s not at all clear what the outcome will be.

The famous Berlin Wall mural is under threat – from a 63-metre-high tower of 36 flats and offices.

Are hi-tech entrepreneurs developing an interest in buying art?

Popular stories from the week:

The art is real, though the singer never was – the latest acquisition of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Acknowledging ‘the wonder of all things that exist’ – the attraction of found objects.

This monumental mural is made of… Rubik’s Cubes.

The power of Augmented Reality – and the place it might find for itself in the art world.

Classic paintings, but much cuter – father puts daughter into famous images.

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