Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

If a city has works by some of the world’s best known contemporary artists, where should it put them? In the subway.

In Tijuana, can residents turn the chaos of the streets into a vibrant local arts culture?

What do we want children to get out of arts education? Hard to say, but perhaps the tools to work it out themselves?

Restorers’ scaffolding means art lovers can view a medieval masterpiece from the artist’s perspective.

The postwar Japanese artists who wanted to revolutionize art – after their own world had been turned upside down.

Popular stories from the week:

The story of what may well be the world’s most inept art thief.

How fading into the background can be a political act – and a work of art.

This Spanish priest wanted the domed ceiling of his church painted… So he invited in some graffiti artists.

When you instantly loathe a work you might really love it, but be misled by the shock factor. Or it could go the other way round… What happens when critics change their minds.

Caddisfly larvae build decorated protective cases – and these particular ones are worth their weight in gold!

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