Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

Strong auction results signify a hot art market.

The Queens Museum and its new look.

Looking back at the outgoing Pope’s legacy when it comes to art.

Street art in Buenos Aires – part of an activist culture of art.

Hoping to change the way arts do business in America – the new National Center for Arts Research.

The youngest curator to direct the Venice Biennale in over 100 years, Massimiliano Gioni is an interesting study.

Popular stories from the week:

Don’t touch that painting! …unless it’s falling off the wall.

The forgotten innovator of 20th-century art – Mexican Surrealist Wolfgang Paalen (No, we’d never heard of him either).

You can’t draw, you say? Are you sure about that? ~ inspirational faculty keynote address reminding us that art is for everyone!

An unusual art medium – chewing gum.

You may know it as the San Francisco Bay Bridge, but it’s now the world’s largest light installation.

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