Art news round-up

Art news from around the world:

What’s up with all this art vandalism? This time it’s the iconic ‘Liberty Leading the People.’

Egyptian artists continue to worry about personal and artistic freedoms – and how long they can expect to retain them.

Why Michelangelo’s famous unfinished sculpture is going to be temporarily relocated to the center of an Italian jail.

Can new technology increase engagement at museums and galleries?

Food for thought – the first art created in Europe.

Popular stories from the week:

Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns – who did what?

Heard about the new paintings by former president Bush? The reaction is mixed.

Do you talk with your hands? These paintings do.

Speed painter wows the crowd. (Watch the whole painting process through, or you almost certainly won’t get it!)

Can’t resist sharing photos of what we’re all talking about – snow in New York!

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