Aelita Andre returns to New York to share her Secret Universe

A very special and unusual exhibition is coming to Agora Gallery this June. Five-year-old Aelita Andre, whose works made such a splash at her New York debut at Agora Gallery last year, is returning with a new collection of artwork. Being the subject of international interest, numerous articles and much media attention hasn’t changed the lively, creative tone of her work, which continues to have the same delightful charm that attracted so much praise in the past.

Yet there is no doubt that her tastes and ideas have changed during the past year, as this latest exhibition demonstrates. There is a more introspective, thoughtful and mature level to the pieces, and Aelita’s interest in storytelling, which has been growing during the year, has found a natural home and form of expression on canvas. The combination of this narrative aspect with her spontaneous joy in the nature of stories brings fresh meaning and appeal to the art, reminding viewers of the importance stories have on our development and the pleasure we take in them throughout our lives.

Aelita’s continued fascination in the natural world, which leads to her watch documentaries by the likes of David Attenborough, also finds an outlet in her work, inspiring its themes and playing a part in the richness of her imagination, which certainly shows in the exhibit. In fact, the title of this year’s show is ‘Aelita Andre: Secret Universe / a solo exhibition’ in recognition of the wonderful imaginative world to which the paintings give us a key, and in tribute to the remarkable ability of a child to see the world through new eyes.

The young Australian artist has been featured many times in the Australian press, including ABC news, The Australian and Herald Sun. In addition, she received an enormous amount of international attention on the occasion of her previous exhibition at Agora Gallery, including articles in the New York Post, Sky News online, and Britain’s Telegraph and Daily Mail. She has appeared on major television programs such as 60 Minutes and Today Tonight, and is a member of NAVA, Australia’s National Association for the Visual Arts. She was invited to exhibit in the Biennale in Italy in 2011, where she received an award, and her work is currently on display in a London gallery.

Like the curator who was originally introduced to Aelita’s work, Agora’s director, Angela Di Bello, was impressed by the art before she learned about its creator. The balance of colors and the harmony of form spoke from the first of something out of the ordinary. When Angela later understood the situation and the age of the artist, she felt that this could not change the power of the art – if anything, it simply gave an explanation for the way the artist had managed to touch the chords of human thought and emotion which are often hidden from overly analytic adults.

Aelita’s parents, who are themselves both artists, continue to provide her with all the materials she could desire and the time she demands to spend on her favorite activity – painting. They encourage her in this as in the other hobbies in which she takes enthusiastic interest, such as ballet, gymnastics, snorkeling and violin, but leave her to choose her own way to express herself, and the amount of time she wishes to devote to it. Aelita is a very positive little person, and generally has firm ideas about all of these things!

To view Aelita’s work in person, please visit her exhibition, which will open on June 12, 2012 and will run until July 7, 2012. The opening reception will take place on Saturday June 16, 2012. Art lovers are welcome to attend, examine the works and perhaps catch sight of Aelita herself. You can find out more about Aelita Andre on her website and purchase her work through our online gallery, ARTmine.