A New Raphael On The Vatican Walls – Art News Roundup

From news about a new art discovery at the Vatican to a Hollywood style art theft. Read on to catch up with the art news this week!


There’s always something going on in the art world. Every Sunday, Agora starts the new week by looking back at what happened the week before. Here are our top art news stories from July 2nd, 2017 – July 8th, 2017.

raphael vatican
Source: Artnet

A New Raphael On The Vatican Walls

The Room of Constantine in the papal apartments was believed to have been painted by the Raphael’s workshop after the artist sketched in general outlines, as the artist was thought to have died before its completion. However, recent investigations have revealed that Raphael had a key role in painting the magnificent reception room. The Italian newspaper, La Stampa recently reported that the allegorical female figures of the virtues of friendship and justice are indeed the work of the revered artist. Full Story Here →

Art Theft, Hollywood Style

Almost like a Hollywood movie scene, jewels valued at up to $3.9 million were stolen from the booth of Geneva-based jeweler, Boghossian at London’s Masterpiece Art Fair. The theft is believed to have take place overnight between 5 p.m. on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Investigators also said that the theft was the work of professionals who may have employed distraction techniques to steal the precious stones. There were no witnesses. Full Story Here →

San Francisco’s Mexican Museum Is Showcasing Fakes

A shocking report from a researcher in Mexico City has revealed that most of the San Francisco-based Mexican Museum’s permanent collection of artifacts are either forgeries or cannot be authenticated. In a 14-page report commissioned by the museum’s board, the report found that only a fraction—83 of 2,000, or just over four percent—of pre-Columbian artifacts could be certified as “museum-quality” by an independent team of museum curators who came from Mexico City to conduct the test. Full Story Here →

raphael vatican
Bewegung in Moll auf Blau (Movement in Minor on Blue), Horst Lukas

On View At Agora Gallery

Last week, on July 5, an inspiring exhibition opened for view at Agora Gallery – Sensorial Realities. Nora Pineda’s mysterious sculptures and Horst Lukas’ enigmatic abstracts are a must-see! The opening reception for the exhibitions was held on July 6 and most of our artists were present to talk about their brilliant works of art. The exhibitions will remain on view until July 25, 2017 and we look forward to seeing you there!  Full Story Here →


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