The Vase That Went From $500 To $812,000 – Art News Roundup

From news about a fascinating art auction to the unfortunate passing of Vito Aconcci. Read on to catch up with the art news this week!


There’s always something going on in the art world. Every Sunday, Agora starts the new week by looking back at what happened the week before. Here are our top art news stories from April 23rd – April 29th, 2017.

Source: Artnet

The Vase That Went From $500 To $812,000

During an art auction organised by iGavelAuctions last week, a Chinese cloisonné vase that was originally valued between $400 to $600 was, in an interesting turn of events, eventually sold for 2,000 times its estimate! The now $812,000 vase was consigned to the auction house by a family in Washington D. C. and was far from being in perfect condition with a missing lid and significant wear and tear. Nonetheless, some bidders recognized its value and the work of art (hopefully) brought in what it deserved. Full Story Here →

No More Con Artists?

Art Fraud Insights, an art consultancy based out of Washington D. C. has recently launched a new to spot fake artworks sold on the dark web and identify those behind the spurious transactions. The Art and Artistic Legacy Protection (AALP) aims to work with artists and foundations to search the dark web for forgeries and fictitious sale listings. Full Story Here →

Speaking of con artists, have you had a look at our articles, How To Identify And Avoid Art Frauds and How To Recognize Art Scams?

Performance Art Pioneer Dies At 77

The performance artist, poet and architect whose conceptual brilliance paved the way for artists like Martin Kippenberger, Matthew Barney and Paul McCarthy, and the creative mind responsible for canonical works like Seedbed (1972), Vito Acconci, passed away last week on April 28. His death is definitely a huge loss to the art world and to celebrate his accomplishments, we would like to leave you with this quote by him. Full Story Here →

“There’s a legal term for a problem in public space: something that might draw people to an area-say, across train tracks-where they might be caused harm. It’s called a ‘public nuisance.’ I wouldn’t mind being called that for my life’s work.”

Source: Huffington Post
Source: Huffington Post

On View At Agora Gallery

Last week, on April 25, three inspiring exhibition were opened for view at Agora Gallery – Susan Kadish/ a Solo exhibition, Portal To Enigma and Persistence Of Form. The opening reception was held on April 27 and most of our artists were present to talk about their brilliant works of art. Take a look at the reception photographs here. The exhibitions will remain on view until May 16, 2017 and we look forward to seeing you there! Full Story Here →


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