Art Is Huge In North Korea!? – Art News Roundup

From North Korean art to an art exhibition created especially for our furry friends. Read on to catch up with the art news this week!

North Korea art

There’s always something going on in the art world. Every Sunday, Agora starts the new week by looking back at what happened the week before. Here are our top art news stories from August 14th – August 20th, 2016.

North Korea art
Contemporary North Korean Art exhibition
Source: Artsy

Art Is Huge In North Korea!?

B. G. Muhn, a South Korean artist and professor at Georgetown is all set to launch a show curated by him at the American University Museum, Washington DC. The show includes 60 paintings by North Korean artist that have never been seen before outside of North Korea. In an interview with Artnet, Muhn informed them about art being very popular in North Korea and the subjects artists reflect on. Full Story Here →

Legal Art Mysteries Resolved

We discussed two odd art disputes last week both have which have had significant developments this week.

In the David Zwirner and Fabrizio Moretti case, the artist that failed to deliver his work on time was revealed to be none other than the infamous Jeff Koons. Moratti had purchased his sculpture, Gazing Ball, from Zwirner at full price last year but the work was never delivered to him. Full Story Here →

Peter Doig on the other hand seems to still be stuck in the mistaken identity crisis even after trial. The judge has declared that the verdict will be released orally some time in the coming weeks. The trial however was quite an incident, we hear. Full Story Here →

north korea
Source: ESA

A Temple on The Moon

The European Space Agency’s first artist-in-residence Jorge Mañes Rubio has decided to take it upon himself to establish a symbol of culture and heritage on the moon. He has proposed building a lunar temple on the moon. The idea behind this is the artist’s concern for the procedure that will be carried out when and if someone passes away on the moon or when a new life become part of the community. Full Story Here →

China Beats US In The Art Auction Market

After almost five years, China has surpassed the American turnover in the art auction market. There is a $570 million increase in the art sales in China wakinfd it the largest shareholder in the global sales (35.5%). The United States market on the other hand only makes up 26.8% go the global sales. Full Story Here →

north korea
Source: Artnet

Art For The Furballs

Dominic Wilcox, an English artist has created an entire exhibition just for dogs. The works are done in shades of yellow and blue to cater to the target audience. The pop up show is now open on London’s Tanner Street. Full Story Here →

These are just some of the many news stories that caught our eye this past week. For more stories as-they-happen, be sure to also follow our Facebook and Twitter. You can also sign up for our newsletter for news about Agora Gallery, our exhibitions, and our artists!

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