$4.28 Million Tax Bill For Gagosian Gallery – Art News Roundup

From Gagosian Gallery receiving a massive tax bill to the mystery of Van Gogh’s ear being finally resolved. Read on to catch up with the art news this week!


There’s always something going on in the art world. Every Sunday, Agora starts the new week by looking back at what happened the week before. Here are our top art news stories from July 17th – July 23rd, 2016.

Source: Artnet

$4.28 Million New York State Tax Bill For Gagosian Gallery

According to the New York Times, the Gagosian Gallery defaulted on sales tax payments several times between 2005 and 2015. A $4.28 million Tax Bill has been issued and the gallery has agreed to pay the full amount including interest and penalties. Full Story Here 

The Art World Loses Two Great Artists

Unfortunately, this week the art world lost two of its brilliant artists to disease.

Croatia’s greatest conceptual artist Mladen Stilinović passed away on the eve of July 18th at the age of 69. Full Story Here 

Billy Name, the photographer famous for his shots of Andy Warhol’s infamous Factory, also passed away on Monday at the age of 76. Full Story Here 

Source: Van Gogh Gallery

The Mystery Of Van Gogh’s Ear Resolved

128 years after the incident, the woman who Vincent Van Gogh gave his ear to, has finally been identified. After being tormented by his own mind and thoughts, Van Gogh had sliced off a part of his ear to Gabrielle Berlatier, a former worker at the artist’s favorite spot, Café de la Gare. Full Story Here 

Christie’s Sales Drop By 27%

The world’s leading art business, Christie’s has experienced a 27% drop in their annual sales due to slimmer auctions and lack of masterpieces worth more than £20m as compared to last year. This has apparently occurred due to a number of reasons, including political unrest, tumbling oil prices and troubled financial markets. Full Story Here 

Source: Forbes

$1 Billion Worth Of Misappropriated Funds To Be Seized

Federal prosecutors in the United States apparently plan to take control of $1 billion worth of assets out of the total $6 million improperly taken from a Malaysian government investment fund. It is being reported as one of the biggest asset seizures in American history. Full Story Here 

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